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July 26th - September 24thStudio TheatreTicket Info
No reviews have been posted yet for this show.
5 Reviews

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This is a listing for the 2011 season. For the current 2023 shows click here.

The best I've seen

This review looks at the The Misanthrope and Hosanna, both translated from French. “Mengesha’s production is very well-paced, much the best of the four I’ve seen….Meanwhile the idea that Hosanna can only become a real man by crossing crossdressing off his list now seems dubious; this is a play that Sky Gilbert might consider updating”

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Powerful truth about the need to...

“Potter does an exquisite job of portraying the Montreal drag queen/drama queen as she explains in great detail the most humiliating experience of her life…[Becker] does well pushing his character beyond the stereotype as he occasionally shows Cuirette’s softer side.”

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Magical linguistic sense of place...

2 Stars: “…many of the political overtones of the piece disappear right along with its linguistic integrity, leaving an audience feeling like they’ve stumbled on a gay episode of the Bickersons, as an overwrought Hosanna recalls her comeuppance at the hands of a group of vengeful drag queens earlier in the evening.”

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1973 drama a modern classic, or not?

2 Stars: A “Must Read” meditation on Hosana’s fading beauty. Nestruck has 4 well thought out theories about why the play isn’t what it once was.

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Hosanna isn’t really working

“The play was a shocking success when first presented in 1973, not just for its outspoken language and physical bluntness, but for the insight it gave us into two francophones at the time when separation between our cultures was at its most intense…. I imagine that director Weyni Mengesha is mostly to blame. She seems to have no real affinity for the play, either in its milieu, or its language.”

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