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May 28th - October 31stAvon TheatreTicket Info
No reviews have been posted yet for this show.
7 Reviews

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Founder Stratford Festival Reviews
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This is a listing for the 2010 season. For the current 2024 shows click here.

Love the production, just not the play

“the show itself is a piece of crap, which no amount of energy and fervor from Griffin or Chilina Kennedy in the title role can fix….what made Griffin choose this show–maybe it was assigned to him–but I can only express relief that he’s scheduled to do Camelot next season.”

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Stratford Review: Evita

“Juan Chioran’s lifeless Juan Peron is a study in taxidermy. As for Chilina Kennedy, we have a normally charismatic performer failing to convey the charisma of the character she portrays. Go figure.”

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An Evita who won’t capture any hearts

Nestruck isn’t captivated by Kennedy’s Perón, wondering if she was miscast or if Griffin’s direction was “overly understated,” adding “…despite what the biting lyrics tell us of her ego and ambition – Kennedy only gives us a partial portrait of this complex figure. “2.5/4 Stars

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Evita rekindles spirit of revolution

Hill adored the show noting that Chilina Kennedy dazzles “…by the end, with your heart still pounding in your chest from all this power and drama, you will leave exhausted and fully satiated by a rare musical-theatre experience.”

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Stratford tackles iconic ‘Evita’

Coulbourne’s thoughtful review concludes with a reference to another celebrated Webber/Rice collaboration, Jesus Christ Superstar, which might be produced at Stratford next season. He praises the players but questions director Griffin’s interpretation. A good read that complements other Evita reviews. 3.5/5 Stars

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That Chilina Kennedy, she is a diamond

“For sheer charisma, energy and passion, it’s hard to think of a musical theatre performance in recent memory that’s the equal of the one Kennedy delivers in Gary Griffin’s production, as bright as any diamond and just as hard-edged.” 4/4 Stars

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No danger of crying here

Nestruck’s “first impression” review: “A musically strong production… Juan Chioran is a powerful presence as Juan Peron, while Josie Marasco takes her moment in the spotlight as an unnamed mistress, dampening eyes with her rendition of Another Suitcase In Another Hall.” 2.5/4 Stars

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