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Do Not Go Gentle

July 2nd - September 11thStudio TheatreTicket Info
No reviews have been posted yet for this show.
5 Reviews

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Founder Stratford Festival Reviews
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This is a listing for the 2010 season. For the current 2023 shows click here.

A spotlight on Ireland at both Shaw...

Cushman write about Do Not Go Gentle in the second half of the review. Click read more & scroll down as
Cushman writes that Geraint Wyn Davies is “another actor who has, in the last few Stratford seasons, blossomed extraordinarily.”

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Dylan Thomas play intoxicating

[Wyn Davies’] Thomas creates dizzying towers of words and phrases and sets them down in lush landscapes of imagination, only to kick them to pieces in piques of childish glee. 4/5 Stars

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Geraint Wyn Davies at his best

“…a surprisingly warm-and-fuzzy look at the life of Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, who in real life, was anything but warm and fuzzy…It’s lovely stuff, a riotous feast of language with a tour de force performance by a charismatic actor.” 3/4 Stars

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This portrait of a poet lacks form

“These exercises in nested hero worship are never particularly thrilling…there is insufficient distinguishing between these moments [the poetry] and the rest of the show – it all bleeds together, often confusingly…Since the script is so formless, it really needs stronger shaping.” 2/4 Stars

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Do Not Go Gentle a tour de force...

“Wyn Davies… grabs our attention from the opening moment and holds us tight in its grasp until play’s end…By tracing Thomas through his journey in words rather than through his scurrilous behavior, Pownall affirms that the poet survives the celebrity…”

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