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Dangerous Liaisons

August 3rd - October 30thFestival TheatreTicket Info
No reviews have been posted yet for this show.
6 Reviews
This is a listing for the 2010 season. For the current 2018 shows click here.

Sexual evil stalks Stratford stage

“…this final production of Stratford’s 2010 season is also one of its best….McSweeney, obviously excited by this space, makes outstanding use of it in mounting his exquisitely detailed dissection of the manners, mores and monstrousness of a culture soon to be felled by the revolution.”

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A Four-Letter Review

Cushman closes his season of reviews with a great read, in the form of a letter. His review is a tribute to Choderlos de Laclos’s novel, Les Liaisons dangereuses, which was composed entirely of letters written by the various characters to each other. Must Read.

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Deliciously engaging

“Even as sexual satire, the play is relentlessly cynical. It’s like reading the tabloid sexual exploits of the rich and famous, only expressed through darkly withering wit….Witnessing McKenna and McCamus verbally joust on stage brings the script to life…”

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'Liaisons' is dangerously good

“Impressively directed by Ethan McSweeny and lavishly designed by Santo Loquasto, this is a compelling production…[McCamus]seduces his audience with the same ease with which he undoes the virtue of the lovely young Cecile.” 5/5 Stars

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Stylish, intelligent and funny

“Not only is Hampton’s adaptation wonderfully economical, but it also gives you the sensation of having encountered all these people with the depth you would have acquired in a novel…superlative acting ” 4/4 Stars

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The danger creeps up on you

“McCamus’s sonorous Valmont is indeed persuasive with his passion – and his fight with himself to become somewhat less of a monster makes for good drama. He has real chemistry with Topham’s sweet and sympathetic de Tourvel.” 3.5/4 Stars

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