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Fred Ebb and Bob Fosse's


June 3rd - October 30thFestival TheatreTicket Info
Generally Positive Reviews based on 8 Critics
  • top 99% of shows in the 2022 season
8 Reviews

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This is a listing for the 2022 season. For the current 2023 shows click here.

Stage Door - Christopher Hoile

Chameroy can do anything

“By now audiences have concluded that Dan Chameroy can really do anything. He has won hearts over as the dad in Billy Elliot (2019) and outraged sensibilities as Dr. Frank N. Furter in The Rocky Horror Show (2018)…I can’t think of anyone who could better sing the show’s big number “Razzle Dazzle” with just the perfect combination of ease and sleaze. His performance is a constant pleasure.”

Read Full Review06/12/2022

The Globe and Mail - J. Kelly Nestruck

More razzle-dazzle than ever

“Preston (who prefers the pronoun they) is downright magnetic in the role – giving a satirically sexy, and often subversive performance. Their Roxie seems not just hungry for fame, but utterly ravenous for it. The increasingly frightening fierceness in her expression made me think of the John Updike line: “Celebrity is a mask that eats into the face.

Rider-Shaw, somehow now in her twelfth season at Stratford, has graduated from ingenues and brings an appropriate level of grizzle to the vaudevillian Velma (who toured in a sister act until she killed her sister).”

Read Full Review06/06/2022

Stratford Beacon Herald - Galen Simmons

All the right notes

“Every character, every actor, every dancer and everyone behind the scenes gets their moment to shine. If you don’t believe me, I urge you to go see Chicago for yourself. I promise you won’t be disappointed.”

Read Full Review06/05/2022

Broadway World - Lauren Gienow

The show to see!

“Chelsea Preston is compelling in their Stratford debut as Roxie. They are utterly captivating during the opening monologue of ‘Roxie’ and shine alongside the brilliant ensemble during the number.”

Read Full Review06/05/2022

Toronto Star - Karen Fricker

A crime to miss this

“If I could give this show five stars, I would. Stellar director-choreographer Donna Feore outdoes herself with an impossibly entertaining production…Cue my exit music: the Stratford Festival is back, baby, and it would be a crime to miss this indecently thrilling show”

Read Full Review06/05/2022

Our Theatre Voice - Joe Szekeres

It’s gonna sell out

“Chicago is a winner. Dynamite from beginning to end. Flawless in performance. If you have seen the New York/touring revival of ‘Chicago’ now playing in New York or on tour, you owe it as a treat to yourself to come to Stratford before the door of this speakeasy is closed.”

Read Full Review06/04/2022

Ontario Stage - Kelly Monaghan

Bask in the abundant joys

“Best of all is Jennifer Rider-Shaw as Velma. If you saw her as Peggy Sawyer in Stratford’s Forty-Second Street or Janet in Rocky Horror, you would never imagine she was capable of the visceral, nonstop sexuality on display in this role. This is far and away the best thing I’ve ever seen her do and a total revelation.”

Read Full Review06/04/2022

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