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As You Like It

April 30th - October 31stFestival TheatreTicket Info
No reviews have been posted yet for this show.
11 Reviews

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Founder Stratford Festival Reviews
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This is a listing for the 2010 season. For the current 2023 shows click here.

Are you kidding me?

“the weird conjunction of periods is distracting, so you keep thinking, “When is this again?”….a perfect example of an innocent play being mugged by a pitiless concept….When the director steps aside and simply lets flourish the romance between Rosalind/Ganymede and Orlando, the production is lovely.”

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New York Times, Such Stuff as Dreams...

Charles Isherwood reviews 5 plays. He gives kudos to the comedies “Although it can often be trying in less experienced hands, Shakespearean comedy tends to flourish at Stratford, in part because it is often entrusted to veterans like Mr. Dow and Mr. Davies.” The Winter’s Tale: “Only the fine playing of Seana McKenna…and the wonderfully natural Brian Tree, in two small roles, stood out.”

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All this has happened before, but...

One story with several reviews. “What director Des Mc-Anuff does with Shakespeare might be innovative, in fits and starts, with occasional bursts into brilliance. But whatever he’s up to never seems to quite go the distance…. McAnuff gets points for reckless daring. Carver is divine. Imaginative, striking moments abound in As You Like It.”

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Stratford opens with a stirring 'As...

This enchanting work from the hands of festival artistic director Des McAnuff and designer Debra Hanson offers reasons aplenty to make the trip to Stratford…the show is nearly stolen by Ben Carlson’s urbane turn as the court fool Touchstone

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Shakespeare for surrealists

Nestruck’s full review addresses the elephant in the room: “McAnuff has silenced any critics who have open minds and hearts by sculpting an absolutely delightful production of As You Like It to kick off the season.” 4/4 stars

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Stylistic Touches Lift Tedious Turns

“This sometimes tedious show is well assisted by an interesting stylistic approach. It seems to lack something at its centre but its fantastic resolution of everything at the end does leave you in an optimistic mood.”

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Fascism Device Burdens

“It’s about time theatre directors imposed a moratorium on using fascism as dramatic shorthand for all things tyrannical and despotic…Hanson’s nod to surrealism is disjointing and alienating…”

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Shakespeare Classic Goes Surreal

[The direction] “leaves an otherwise talented ingenue like Runge so caught up in merely speaking Rosalind’s words that she fails to get to the loving heart of one of Shakespeare’s juiciest heroines.” 4/5 Stars

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McAnuff’s As You Like It? We like it

It took time for Ouzounian to warm up to Andrea Runge: “Runge begins as a somewhat stiff Rosalind, but once she hits the forest and dons male attire, she becomes more charming with every passing minute and truly melts all hearts by the finale.”
3.5/4 Stars: “Time and time again it’s a delight to hear the theatre rock with laughter from nothing more than the delivery of Shakespeare’s words.”

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As You Like It: As you love it

A quick 4 star review from Mr. Nestruck, more to come. “in her second season, Ms. Runge has proved herself a sparkling leading lady, a mooning and mischievous Rosalind with a hint of Julie Andrews in her. At Stratford, finally, the Bard is back. “

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By William I think he's got it

“Mr. Carver seems to believe in Jaques’ words, so he nearly convinces the audience of man’s infirmity as he delivers the ‘seven ages of man’ in soft-voiced urgency; his other pronouncements are just as soberly heartfelt.”

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