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Madeleine L'Engle and Thomas Morgan Jones's

A Wrinkle in Time

May 18th - October 29thAvon TheatreTicket Info
Generally Positive Reviews based on 7 Critics
  • top 91% of shows in the 2023 season
7 Reviews

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Ontario Stage - Christopher Hoile

High Production Values

“With so many of the particulars of the story unclear or unknown, it falls to the energy of the cast to carry us along to make us feel like we should be invested in a tale we don’t understand. In this, the cast does an excellent job. As Meg, Charles and Calvin, Celeste Catena, Noah Beemer and Robert Markus do a fine job of playing children and avoid any hints of cutesiness that adults often affect in performing such roles…

the main failing of this stage adaptation is that far more time seems to have been spent on the show’s admittedly high production values rather than on telling a story clearly or with enough detail to make the action understandable. Those already familiar with the book may be satisfied to see it on stage, but those who are not may simply look on more in confusion than wonder.”

Read Full Review06/19/2023

Stratford Today - Geoff Dale


“The religious overtones in L’Engle’s original text are not part of Jones’s adaption but the remaining elements of the family-friendly stage production focusing on an inter-galactic journey interspersed with scenes youthful curiosity, perseverance and self determination are explored in a surprisingly effective manner along the way.

While the production may not appeal to all tastes, there was a nary a squeak nor disconnected murmur from the young crowd nor any screaming for an ice cream or soft drink before the 20-minute intermission began and those pre-teens sitting in front of your humble scribe were the first to jump to their feet for a much-deserved standing ovation.”

Read Full Review06/19/2023

The Beacon Herald - Bruce Urquhart

A Science Fiction Fantasy

“Despite the galaxy-spanning adventures of A Wrinkle in Time’s three young heroes, there’s a deliberate simplicity to this Stratford Festival production that puts a premium on imagination…

As this year’s Schulich’s Children’s Play, A Wrinkle in Time doesn’t pander to its young audience but instead makes them a part of the experience. Blending the fantastical with a message of love and acceptance, this production serves as a testament to the unquenchable power of the imagination.”

Read Full Review06/20/2023

Ontario Stage - Kelly Monaghan

Uniformly Excellent

“The kids carry the show and the actors are uniformly excellent. Noah Beemer captures Charles Wallace’s uber geekiness, Celeste Catena delivers a suitably angst-ridden Meg, and Robert Markus, who must be well over thirty, makes a most convincing teenage Calvin.

Of the supernatural spirit guides (if that’s what they are), I was specially taken by Nestor Lozano, Jr., who is such an impressive Angel in Rent, as Mrs. Whatsit and Kim Horsman as Mrs. Which. Erica Peck makes an impression in her brief appearance as the Happy Medium.”

Read Full Review06/20/2023

Intermission Magazine - Charlotte Lilley

An Imaginative, Heartfelt Adaptation

“While an opening set on Earth grounds the story and allows the audience to meet its characters on familiar terms, it’s when the story takes a turn for the extraterrestrial that the production really shines…

Overall, A Wrinkle in Time is an imaginative, heartfelt adaptation, which recognizes (and takes advantage of) the potential of theatre to create a visual spectacle while maintaining the emotional and thematic centre of L’Engle’s story. And if folks leave the theatre hungry for more, then there’s all the more reason to pick up the book.”

Read Full Review06/21/2023

The Toronto Star - Karen Fricker


“For grown-ups such as myself who adored L’Engle’s 1962 book as a child, the show’s likely to be a happy blast from the past. Things move quickly in the 95-minute show (which includes an intermission)…

the pacing is well-judged to keep younger audience members focused. At the performance I attended, the child spectators around me were attentive throughout and seemed thrilled by what they were seeing, even some scary bits (the show is generally aimed at ages seven and up).”

Read Full Review

The Globe and Mail - J. Kelly Nestruck

Fun and Fast-paced

“A Wrinkle in Time, now on at the Stratford Festival, is a fun, fast-paced flip through the main plot points of Madeleine L’Engle’s beloved 1962 novel for young readers of the same name…

After complaining that last year’s three-hour adaptation of Little Women was too long, it would be highly irritating of me to then turn around and say that this year’s show in the slot that Stratford calls its Schulich Children’s Plays is a bit short at just one hour and 35 minutes (including a 20-minute intermission).

And so I won’t. A Wrinkle in Time is a much superior family offering.”

Read Full Review06/19/2023

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