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The Margaret and Andrew Stephens Family Foundation Are Matching Donations to the Blyth Festival

By Keith Tomasek, March 27, 2024

The Blyth Festival announced that the Margaret and Andrew Stephens Family Foundation will match contributions to the Festival’s “$500K For Another 50 Years” campaign. The new fundraising campaign was established to mark the theatre’s 50th anniversary and lay the foundation for another half-century.

This landmark campaign is anchored by a $250,000 matching pledge from the Margaret and Andrew Stephens Family Foundation. This is a fantastic opportunity for supporters to double the impact of their donations.

“This gift comes at a pivotal time,” said Blyth artistic director Gil Garratt.

“There is no question, the arts in Canada are in trouble, coast to coast to coast. This gift from Andrew and his family is not only going to help us emerge from the pandemic, but it will allow us to confidently plan, build, and dream for the future,” adds Garratt.

In response to the matching offer, two families have already come forward with substantial support. David Southen and Susan Carlyle of London, ON, and another family who wishes to remain anonymous each pledged $50,000. These donations have moved the Festival closer to its goal of raising $500K.

Now the Festival hopes patrons, community builders and others will step forward to raise the remaining $150,000 of the matching funds the Margaret and Andrew Stephens Family Foundation’s pledge provides.

Both Andrew and Margaret Stephens grew up in southwestern Ontario, and the family has long made the Huron shores and Blyth part of their summer vacations.

Says Andrew, “When Margaret passed away in 2014, the kids and I started thinking about using our family foundation to make the kinds of investment that could drive real change. We believe strongly that Canada needs a venue to create and tell Canadian stories, and the Blyth Festival is the leader in doing this. It was a natural fit.”

The foundation’s pledge represents one of the most significant gifts the Festival has ever received from a private donor. It is meant to inspire others to give generously to prepare the Festival for its next 50 years.

Anyone who wishes to take advantage of this opportunity to double their donation can contact Jen Lamb ( or by calling 1-877-862-5984 ext. 208. Donations of $20 or more are tax deductible.

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The Margaret and Andrew Stephens Family Foundation Are Matching Donations to the Blyth Festival

Keith Tomasek

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