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Win Tickets to A Huron County Christmas Carol

The Blyth Festival’s “A Huron County Christmas Carol” is a smash hit, and you can win a VIP Prize Package!

Kelly Monaghan, the publisher at Ontario Stage, says, “The production is blessed with the presence of Stratford Festival veteran Randy Hughson, who creates one of the most memorable Scrooges I have ever seen.”

Christopher Hoile, the publisher at Stage Door, wrote, “‘A Huron County Christmas Carol’ is fun, full of great songs and filled with the warmest possible mood.”

Bruce Horak, Randy Hughson, George Meanwell, Trish Lindstrom and Gil Garratt. Photo Gemma James-Smith
This show sold out in 2019, and the current production must close on December 22nd.

Enter to Win Tickets to A Huron County Christmas Carol

Win a VIP Prize Package to See A Huron County Christmas Carol at the Blyth Festival

Win a VIP Prize Package to See A Huron County Christmas Carol at the Blyth Festival

The all-star cast includes Trish Lindstrom as Belle and Randy Hughson as Scrooge.

Trish Lindstrom and Randy Hughson. Photo Gemma James-Smith<
Bruce Horak, who performed in the Spontaneous Theatre hit “Goblin: Macbeth,” which was most recently seen at the Stratford Festival, plays Bob Cratchit.
Two other company members might be familiar to Stratford audiences. Graham Hargrove has been in the orchestra and onstage at Stratford for thirteen seasons. George Meanwell, who plays Marley and “Doc” Cruickshank, first appeared at Stratford in the 2010 production of “Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well and Living in Paris.” George discusses his musical inspiration and experiences at Stratford in my story “5 Questions with George Meanwell.”

George Meanwell. Photo Gemma James-Smith

With live music performed on stage and a superb cast of actors, including Randy Hughson’s star turn as Scrooge, “A Huron County Christmas Carol” is a not-to-be-missed adaptation of the holiday classic.

Details Details
A Huron County Christmas Carol
On now through December 22, 2023.
Blyth Festival
431 Queen St, Blyth, ON N0M 1H0
Book Online
Call the box office: 1-877-862-5984

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Win Tickets to A Huron County Christmas Carol

Keith Tomasek
6 December 2023
News and Rumors

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