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Podcast with A.J. Bridel

This podcast interview with A.J. Bridel was recorded in 2015.

A.J. had recently appeared in “Kinky Boots” with Alan Mingo Jr., whose Broadway credits include Sebastian in Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” (Original Broadway cast member) and Tom Collins in “Rent.”

A.J. graduated from Eastwood Collegiate in Kitchener as an “A” student, starring in the school play. She is candid about her early personal struggle that occurred two years earlier; while working through her parent’s separation and lashing out, she had been kicked out of the school play because of her inability to focus and collaborate.

With the help of friends and family, A.J. managed to get back on track by focusing on theatre and her schoolwork. It was impressive and courageous of A.J. to share this story, back in 2015 before many people discussed personal mental issues.

Nothing is as it appears.

In 2012, Bridal competed in the CBC TV reality talent competition “Over The Rainbow.” She finished in third place and we discuss the behind the scenes process of reality T.V. where nothing is as it appears.

In the interview, A.J. cites Jennifer Hudson as someone she admires for pursuing her dream despite the odds of succeeding in showbiz. Remember, it was Simon Cowell who told Hudson on American Idol that she was “out of your depth in this competition.” Cowell later admitted he was mistaken.

Asked about playing the role of Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz,” A.J. Bridel said, “Dorothy is more complex than people allow her to be.”

I can honestly say that was my feeling about A.J. – she is a complex person, and it’s lovely to see that complexity consistently come through on stage!

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Podcast with A.J. Bridel

Keith Tomasek
22 August 2023
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