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Who Wants to See Britta Johnson’s Life After in Chicago?

Britta Johnson’s “Life After” makes its Chicago premiere at the Goodman Theatre in June, and I’m inviting you to join me on a trip to attend the production.

Canadian Paul Alexander Nolan will play the lead.

Nolan was most recently seen in “Slave Play.”

Stratford Festival fans will remember Nolan from his role as Jesus in the 2011 production of “Jesus Christ Superstar,” which went on to Broadway.

And who can forget Stratford’s magnificent 2009 production of “West Side Story” where Nolan played Tony opposite Chilina Kennedy’s Maria. Fabulous casting by Gary Griffin!

There are other reasons to pack your bags for the Chicago premiere running June 11–July 17.

Life After at the Goodman is not to be missed.

The cast of nine will star Samantha Williams, seen on Broadway in “Caroline, Or Change” and “Dear Evan Hansen,” Lucy Panush as Hannah, Bryonha Marie Parham (“A Commercial Jingle for Regina Comet”) as Beth, Jen Sese (“Hair”) as Mrs. Hopkins, Skyler Volpe as Kate, Chelsea Williams (“In Transit”) as Fury, Lauryn Hobbs as Fury, and Ashley Pérez Flanagan (“Freestyle Love Supreme”) as Fury.

Lucille Lortel award-winner Annie Tippe will direct the production, which will feature choreography by Ann Yee (“Caroline or Change,” “Sunday in the Park with George”).

Britta Johnson, Annie Tippe. Photo Jeremy Daniel
“Life After” first appeared in Toronto at the 2016 Fringe Festival. In 2017 Johnson received financial assistance from Toronto’s The Musical Stage Company’s Crescendo Series, a three-year residency for Canadian composers.

In September 2017 “Life After” was co-produced at Toronto’s Berkeley Street Theatre by the Canadian Stage, The Musical Stage Company and Yonge Street Theatricals.

The Globe and Mail’s J. Kelly Nestruck wrote”
“Life After by composer/lyricist Britta Johnson is getting a note-perfect premiere that is also a milestone for musical theatre production in Toronto.”

The Toronto Star’s Carly Maga wrote:
“An intense, layered whirlwind of humour, grief and humanity. There’s no doubt there will be life after Life After.”

Following its run in Toronto, “Life After” was mounted at The Old Globe in San Diego to rave reviews, including this from James Herbert in The San Diego Union-Tribune:
“A luminous new musical! Lush, poetic and surprisingly funny. The work announces a significant talent in Johnson.”

Want to Come to Chicago?

If you are interested in learning more about the trip, please help me plan our adventure by answering a few questions at this link.

Let’s do this!

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Who Wants to See Britta Johnson’s Life After in Chicago?

Keith Tomasek
4 May 2022
News and Rumors

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