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Boy Falls From the Sky Review Roundup

by Keith Tomasek, April 26, 2022

You only have a few weeks to catch Jake Epstein’s “Boy Falls From The Sky.”

The production, which runs until May 29, has received rave reviews.

Below is my roundup of the Boy Falls From the Sky reviews.

Jake Epstein. Photo: Cylla von Tiedemann

Christopher Hoile

“Epstein exudes both confidence and vulnerability as he masterfully caresses each song and makes it his own. “Razzle Dazzle” from the musical Chicago, a show he did not appear in, becomes a recurring metaphor for his ambivalence toward Broadway, having experienced both its attraction and its cruelty.

This is cabaret of the highest calibre, and it’s no wonder its run at the Fringe sold out.”

Link to the review.

Jake Epstein. Photo: Cylla von Tiedeman

J. Kelly Nestruck

“Epstein sings songs from shows he has performed in (or just loves) and, under the simple, sensitive direction of Robert McQueen, makes their lyrics speak to the themes and emotions at hand in his narrative.

He is an absolute charmer on stage, alive to every moment.”

Link to the review.


Lynn Slotkin

“Boy Falls From the Sky is Jake Epstein’s beautiful, heartfelt, funny buoyant show that comes to terms with realizing his dreams and perhaps learning bliss might be elsewhere in performing…

Boy Falls From the Sky is full of intoxicating euphoria when you get your dream realized.  But there’s also the angst, uncertainty, loneliness of touring and needing to hide the truth about it all from a loving family who only want to be happy for you and with you. The show is seamlessly directed with subtlety by Robert McQueen.”

Link to the review.

Jake Epstein. Photo: Cylla von Tiedeman

Joshua Chong

“Epstein’s cabaret-style musical brims with enrapturing tales, both hilarious and bracingly earnest, about life in the spotlight.

And boy, does he have a story to tell…

…perhaps most candid is his story about originating his first leading role on Broadway in “Beautiful: The Carole King Musical.” As Gerry Goffin, King’s first husband, he’s painted as the antagonist, and each night has to endure the “boos reserved for the villains” during the curtain call.”

Link to the review.


Glenn Sumi

“There’s plenty of emotion in the show as well, particularly in a story about how Epstein reunites with an ex-girlfriend back in Toronto. His chronicle of a day spent together in New York City ends with one of the show’s most moving numbers, his heartfelt rendition of the gorgeous ballad Gold from the show Once….the show’s appeal is universal. And its belief in the magic and power of theatre endures, especially in Epstein’s brave, truthful and triumphant performance.”

Link to the review.



Aisling Murphy

“Epstein’s musical about a life onstage is solo performance at its most satisfying — funny, fast-paced, and deeply personal….

With joy, talent, and a knockout piece of writing, Epstein’s made the glorious Royal Alex feel new again, a feat even greater than surviving a run of Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark.”

Link to the review.



Isabella Perrone

“Epstein pulls aside the curtain and opens up on difficult moments from his past to share a new perspective on the shows audiences know and love.

No matter where you come from something will make you laugh, or make your heart ache, or make you reconsider your perspective. Throw in some powerful performances, Epstein’s innate charm and humour, and the palpable love and care that emanates from all aspects of the production and you’ve got a prime example of what makes storytelling (and live theatre) so special”

Link to the review.



James Karas

“Jake Epstein is a talented Torontonian who has achieved numerous successes as an actor, singer and writer. He has performed on television and in live theatre in Canada, on Broadway and across the United States. But his greatest success to date may be the show his has created telling us about his successes and failures. In Boy Falls From The Sky he offers a funny, touching and highly entertaining program that gives us glimpses of behind-the-scenes theatrical experiences and vignettes of his private life.”

Link to the review.

Details Details:
Boy Falls From the Sky
Royal Alexandra Theatre
Through May 29
Written by Jake Epstein
Directed by and developed with Robert McQueen
Call: 1-800-461-3333

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Boy Falls From the Sky Review Roundup

Keith Tomasek
26 April 2022

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