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New Play Patchface Explores Intimacy, Desire & Technology

For the first time ever, local London theatre company Allswell Productions teamed up with Hamilton-based playwright Camille Intson to stream a staged production of her new play, “Patchface. ”

Set in 1969, “Patchface” tells the story of a switchboard operator who becomes intimately involved in the lives of a young married couple through a series of telephone exchanges.

While set in the late 1960s, the play’s themes of technology, intimacy, desire, communication, and the space between these things are more relevant than ever.

Jack Copland, Erin Sevigny Photo: A. Bedard Cahill

Playwright Intson completed her B.A. Honours in English Language and Literature, Theatre Studies with distinction at London’s Western University. Her work has been developed, produced, and/or supported by The Grand Theatre London, the TAP Centre for Creativity, Theatre Aquarius, Pat The Dog Theatre Creation and the Hamilton and Winnipeg Fringe Festivals.

Currently, Intson is working towards a Ph.D. in Information, with collaborative specializations in Sexual Diversity Studies and Knowledge Media Design, at the University of Toronto’s iSchool.

Brickenden award-winning director Hailey Hill first reached out to Intson in December of 2020 to rework a previously abandoned script into a production that could be COVID-19 friendly. Intson parsed the story down to three characters, with each occupying distinct “set stations” for most of the show.

Says Hill, “It was important to us to stage a show that was familiar to today’s audiences while still being an escape from COVID-19.”

The cast and crew have been working since March to prepare for a live in-person filming that took place in early July. “It was important to us to create this show in a way that still captured the magic of live theatre,” says producer Christine Gruenbauer. “Zoom shows are great, but there is something mesmerizing about seeing the actors on stage together.”

The team also tapped London-based musician Ben Leibovitz to compose a musical score for the show. “After sitting down with Hailey, we developed themes for each character to be interwoven throughout the story as their relationships develop with each other,” says Leibovitz.

The show was originally scheduled to run from July 29 to Sunday, August 1 at 7:00 pm, but due to popular demand, it will be available on-demand, from Thursday, August 5 through Sunday the 8th.

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Details, Details:
Patchface by Camille Intson
Streaming On-Demand Thursday, August 5 to Sunday, August 8
Household: $27.00
Single: $15.00
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New Play Patchface Explores Intimacy, Desire & Technology

Keith Tomasek
2 August 2021
News and Rumors

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