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Ahad Raza Mir to perform ‘Hamlet’ at The Rose Brampton

The Rose Brampton announced today that Pakistani-Canadian star Ahad Raza Mir will perform in a thrilling new production of “Hamlet.”

Mir, who studied theatre in Calgary, is an international, award-winning actor with leading roles in popular TV shows and films in Pakistan.

“Hamlet is a role an actor doesn’t quite get enough of. So I’m very excited to be bringing the show to Brampton and the GTA area,” said Raza Mir.

Ahad Raza Mir, brampton, hamlet

Ahad Raza Mir. photo by Citrus

In 2019 Mir’s performance in “Hamlet: A Ghost Story,” at Calgary’s Vertigo Theatre, earned him rave reviews.

Haysam Kadri, Hamlet, BramptonDirecting Ahad Raza Mir in “Hamlet” is Haysam Kadri, a graduate of the Birmingham Conservatory at the Stratford Festival. Kadri spent six seasons as a company member at Stratford.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to have international superstar Ahad Raza Mir play the titular role in arguably Shakespeare’s finest tragedy,” said Haysam Kadri, artistic producer of The Shakespeare Company, who co-produces with Hit & Myth Productions. “We look forward to the energy and excitement that the GTA and the city of Brampton will bring to this show.”

The Shakespeare Company and Hit & Myth Productions are combining forces, along with The Rose, for a ghostly reimagining of one of the Bard’s greatest works, adapted for Brampton’s stage, and with the support of Brampton’s generous community.

Steven Schipper, executive artistic director at The Rose Brampton, added, “We’re deeply grateful to Haysam Kadri for bringing Ahad Raza Mir to grace our stage at The Rose. Thanks to local business leader Badar Shamim for securing essential financial support for this wonderful production.”

Steven Schipper

“Hamlet,” starring Ahad Raza Mir, opens in October 2020 at The Rose Brampton, with only nine public performances and three
school performances.

Details, Details:
October 2020
The Rose Brampton
The Shakespeare Company and Hit & Myth Productions

Tickets can be purchased at or by phone at 905-874-2800.
Current 2019 – 2020 subscriber and donor members get exclusive access to tickets in advance starting October 9, 2019.
Single tickets go on sale October 24, 2019
$25 – $45.

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Ahad Raza Mir to perform ‘Hamlet’ at The Rose Brampton

Keith Tomasek
23 September 2019
News and Rumors

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