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Podcast with Tracey Power, Who Wrote and Choreographed “Glory”

Tracey Power, podcast interview, glory

Tracey Power is the writer and choreographer behind “Glory.” It’s a play that the Globe and Mail called a “bittersweet, entertaining and uplifting sports drama.”

I saw “Glory” and loved it.

Tracey shares her process behind uncovering the true story of a group of scrappy women from Preston, Ontario who defy the stereotypes of their time and become national hockey legends in the 1930s. The team had a winning record of over 95%, a record unmatched in the history of women’s hockey.

The play debuted at the Western Canada Theatre Company in British Columbia and is on stage now until July 20th, in Southwestern Ontario thanks to the folks at Drayton Entertainment.

May 15 to June 8 at Hamilton Family Theatre Cambridge click here
June 12 to June 22 at Huron Country Playhouse II click here
June 26 to July 6 at King’s Wharf Theatre click here
July 10 to July 20 at Drayton Festival Theatre click here

Call 1-855-372-9866 for tickets

Glory, Drayton Entertainment, podcast _tracey power

Advah Soudack, Morgan Yamada, Katie Ryerson, Kate Dion-Richard


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Podcast with Tracey Power, Who Wrote and Choreographed “Glory”

Keith Tomasek
24 May 2019
News and Rumors

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