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The Shakespeare Actors’ Book Club: Heather Cant

By Keith Tomasek, Aug. 5. 2018

Every Sunday in The Shakespeare Actors’ Book Club you’ll discover a new book, selected by an actor performing Shakespeare.

It’s a chance to shine a light on three of our favourite things here at Stratford Festival Reviews: books, actors and Shakespeare!

Bookmark this site and visit every Sunday as a new actor shares the story of how their reading intersects with their production and everyday life.
Joshua Beaudry, Heather Cant in The Merry Wives of Windsor,Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan

Joshua Beaudry, Heather Cant
in The Merry Wives of Windsor

Heather Cant is performing as Mistress Page in “The Merry Wives of Windsor” and Gertrude in “Hamlet” at with Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan.

Cant served as the associate artistic director of Western Canada Theatre in Kamloops BC. She performed in the Canadian premiere of Tony Kushner’s “A Bright Room Called Day” (Somewhat Cooperative) and has an extensive CV that includes both performing and administrative roles.

The book
Solar Bones, by Mike McCormack

How did you discover this book?
The novel recently won the 2018 International DUBLIN Literary Award, and I happened to come across an article celebrating the virtues of both the book and the writer on Twitter.

What drew you into the story?
I found the writer’s career journey really interesting.

And this novel was described as intoxicating and experimental – it is written in poetic prose – all of which captured my interest. It’s written from the perspective of one character in a stream of consciousness style, so my imagination was captivated by the theatrical monologue aspects of it.

If you could, would you like to inhabit the setting for a year? Why?
I love to travel. Living in Ireland for a year would be fantastic!

How does the book you’re reading relate to, or complement, the theatre piece you are currently working on?
I’ve only really just begun this book so it hasn’t yet had any direct impact on my stage work. But I find that almost everything that touches my life – people, places, books, film, social media etc. – If it isn’t relevant to what I’m working on now, it will be in the future. There’s a wonderful synchronicity to the world that way.

How do you find time to read?
This is the very hardest thing. I’ve developed a recent practice to read poetry in the mornings which is easy to fit in because they’re short. Daytime usually goes to reading theatre books and plays which means I usually read novels before I go to sleep at night. Often the days are so full I’m too tired to absorb the story so it can take a while for me to finish a novel.

What is your favourite place to read?
My bed.

Hardcover, paperback, e-reader or audiobook?

Click to get Solar Bones, by Mike McCormack.

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Details, Details:
Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan
Hamlet: July 5 – Aug. 19
The Merry Wives of Windsor: July 4 – Aug. 19
Details and tickets online: Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan
Call: 306-652-9100

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Come back next Sunday for another actor and another book.

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The Shakespeare Actors’ Book Club: Heather Cant

Keith Tomasek
5 August 2018
News and Rumors

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