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The Shakespeare Actors’ Book Club: Jason Cadieux

By Keith Tomasek, July 8, 2018

Every Sunday in The Shakespeare Actors’ Book Club you’ll discover a new book, selected by an actor performing Shakespeare.

It’s a chance to shine a light on three of our favourite things here at Stratford Festival Reviews: books, actors and Shakespeare!

Bookmark this site and visit every Sunday as a new actor shares the story of how their reading intersects with their production and everyday life.

David Patrick Flemming, Jason-Cadieux, Rachel Cairns, shakepseare in high park, Toronto

David Patrick Flemming, Jason-Cadieux, Rachel Cairns in Romeo and Juliet.
photo Dahlia Katz

Jason Cadieux is acting in “Romeo and Juliet” and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” at Canadian Stage’s Shakespeare in High Park.

Cadieux Recently performed in the Dora Award winning “Jerusalem,” which was co-produced by Outside the March, the Company Theatre and Starvox Entertainment. He co-founded and continues to run the Essential Collective Theatre company in St. Catharines.

The book
The Hunger, by Alma Katsu

How did you discover this book?
Read a great review online.
What drew you into the story?
I’m a horror fan and the mash up of historical fiction, (the book is inspired by the doomed Donner Party caravan 1846), and dark supernatural forces appealed to me.

If you could, would you like to inhabit the setting for a year? Why?
Hell yes!

To see North America before it was tamed would be a trip- just for a year though, as I’m a city boy at heart.

How do you find time to read?
Rule of thumb, always carry a book. And I’m big into audio books, so if I’m on the road or waiting in line, I can read!

What is your favourite place to read?
I think on a train, something so relaxing about it + you’re getting somewhere!

Hardcover, paperback or e-reader?

I travel a lot, so I can’t be too precious about it. Paperbacks are light, easy to carry and they look good when they’re beat up.

Click to get The Hunger by Alma Katsu

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A little whip training with #simonfon #riotact

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Details, Details:
Shakespeare in High Park
Pay-What-You-Can or reserve a premium spot online
Romeo and Juliet: 8pm -Tue, Thu, Sat
Dream: 8pm – Wed, Fri, Sun
Reservations held until 7:45pm
Driving and public transit directions

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Jason Cadieux – Shakespeare in High Park, Toronto.
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Skye Brandon – Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan, Saskatoon.
Garry Williams – Shakespeare by the Sea, Halifax.
Heather Cant – Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan, Saskatoon.
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Come back next Sunday for another actor and another book.

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The Shakespeare Actors’ Book Club: Jason Cadieux

Keith Tomasek
8 July 2018
Non-Theatre Fun

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