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Where to Eat in Stratford if You Only Have $18

By Kailie Annetts, May 30, 2018

If you’re looking to save a dime on some great eats then look no further, here’s where to enjoy great food for under $18 – including a drink!

#1: Boomers Gourmet Fries
Whether you’re looking for a delicious burger or some decked out fries, look no further than Boomers. Enjoy the Goat Cheese Poutine for only $6.29 or a French Poodle Burger for $8.15. Not to mention that the owner Sue appeared on John Catucci’s Food Network show, “You’ve Gotta Eat Here,” so you know the food is top notch.


#2:The Pulp
If you’re leaning towards more of the healthy side of life then The Pulp will be able to hook you up. Offering smoothies, rice bowls, and porridge bowls, they’ve got well rounded dishes to keep you satisfied. Try out the local favourite, The Festival bowl, with quinoa for $9.50 or the adorable and delectable Chunky Munky porridge for only $6.50.



#3: Pizza Bistro
Looking for a comforting classic in Stratford? Pizza Bistro will have you gobbling up delicious slices at a fair price. Drop in for lunch or dinner, all 12 or 14 inch pizzas are $18 or less! If you’re looking for a lighter slice, try the Summer Fields style, or if you’re more of a carnivore, give the Smoking Pit pizza a try!


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#4: Madelyn’s Diner
Not only is this family operated diner cozy, it’s always a great place to get a yummy meal at the right price! Whether you’re there for the $11.95 Hearty Delight breakfast, award winning fish and chips for $12.99, or a light Caesar salad for only $10.99, Madelyn’s will fix you up right! Don’t forget to try their famous butter tarts!


#5: Sirkel Foods
If you’re in the downtown core, you have to try out Sirkel Foods. Located right across from Stratford city hall, this local favourite is filled with fresh foods to keep you satisfied all day long. Each meal features the freshest vegetables, so try their vegetable pad thai for $12.25 or a house-cured salmon sandwich for only $7.95. Join them for a breakfast and no meal with cost you over $10!


Chef’s ? Soup of the Day: Salmon & Crab Chowder #Bar2bAT

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#6: Bentleys
This local watering hole is a favourite for brews and grub alike! Be sure to try the soup of the day or their giant serving of nachos starting at only $10.50. If you’re looking for a meal on the fancier side, we suggest the melt in your mouth braised short rib pot-au-feu for only $16.50 – but then you gotta drink a water to keep it under $18.


#7: Okazu 85 Downie
This elegant new spot is right beside the Avon theatre and it’s open late – Hallelujah! The tapas menus is a great place to start your quest for epicurean delights. Try the roasted eggplant with tahini, toasted walnuts and dukkah (an Egyptian blend of spices) for $9.00. The pork belly with sticky rice for $11.00 is a treat that’ll have you coming back for more.


#8: Features
In Stratford breakfasts begin at Features and that’s because it’s the best! Offering everything from light morning fare to whopping platters, you can find a dish here that will satisfy everyone. The classic breakfast special starts at $5.49 but try the Paul Bunyan special for a cookie sheet sized breakfast with four eggs, two sausages, two pieces of bacon , two pancakes, homefries and toast for only $12.99!


Kailie Annetts is a Stratford native but now resides in the depths of Toronto with an interest in storytelling and the written word. Read more about Kailie Annetts

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Where to Eat in Stratford if You Only Have $18

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