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Cynthia Dale to star in, and executive produce, Street Legal reboot

Longtime Stratford Festival leading lady Cynthia Dale will be starring in a reboot of her popular television series “Street Legal” that launches in winter of 2019.

Speaking to the Canadian Press, Dale said she is looking forward to once again playing the lawyer Olivia Novak, who was known for her strong opinions in an era when that was not generally accepted.

“People thought she was a bitch and I always said, ‘no, she was just miss understood.’ She was aggressive, absolutely, she spoke her mind, she had a voice and she made sure people heard it.”

Dale is looking forward to portraying Olivia Novak in a new era “where we listen to and value and honour and not judge a woman for speaking or acting or feeling that way.”

At the Stratford Festival it was the 1998 production of “The Miracle Worker, directed by Jeannette Lambermont, where Dale played Maggie, that truly launched her trip to the top of the playbill.

Before her departure from the Festival stage in 2007, Dale was known as Stratford’s leading lady.

Then after an absence of 5 years, Dale returned to star in “42nd Street” in a dazzling comeback. The production, directed by the celebrated Chicago-based director Gary Griffin was a success, perhaps a harbinger for things to come as Dale returns to CBC after a 25-year break.

Most recently Dale performed in Stratford’s production of “A Little Night Music.” She was also seen in the Toronto production of “Fun Home,” which just won her a Best Supporting Actress award from the Toronto Theatre Critics Awards.

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Cynthia Dale to star in, and executive produce, Street Legal reboot

Keith Tomasek
25 May 2018
News and Rumors

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