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10 signs you went to Stratford Central Secondary School

By Kailie Annetts, May 13

It’s hard to imagine a year without Stratford Central Secondary School operating in the core of the city. But after the Avon Maitland District School Board announced the school would not be open during the 2019-20 school year, it’s not too soon to reminisce. Locals know that Central was a home for everyone, and a cool place to learn in a downtown setting, that excelled in the arts, athletics, and academics.

If you’re an alumnus of Stratford’s downtown high school see how many of these you remember and share this with your classmates.

1. Stratford Central Secondary School’s circular layout was actually hard to figure out at first.
Since Stratford Central was built off a circle structure with many different additions throughout time, it was actually kind of confusing to find your classes. Why are there so many staircases that lead to random hallways, who even designed this place?

2. You’re an avid fan of the Stratford Festival Theatre.
Being located in the core of the city, Stratford Central was always known to be the artsy high school. You probably still love attending the Festival during the summer and live for theatre and art.

3. The Terry Fox Regatta was the highlight of your school year.
Not only did you get the afternoon off school to hangout with your friends on the Stratford island, but there was also free pop, hotdogs, and cotton candy. Raising money and having fun was the best!

4. You always wanted a first-floor locker…
Not only is Stratford Central located on top of a hill, but there are also three floors inside to climb. Every student wished their locker was on the first floor so they didn’t have to hike upstairs before every class.

5. But you were always jealous of those with big lockers on the third floor
Other than getting a daily workout, if your locker was in the third-floor English hallway you got a double-sized locker for extra storage. More room means more to decorate!

6. Red and Green are still considered spirit colours.
When we think of winter holidays red and green come to mind, but if you went to Stratford Central, red and green automatically send you back to every spirit assembly you ever endured.

7. Extra curriculars were actually fun.
At Stratford Central there were so many extracurriculars that everyone had something to participate in. From Theatre Central, to Rams Radio and RamCast, Interact and CAA, no one was left behind!

8. “Bring your tractor to school day” always seemed ridiculous.
Since you went to school in-town, no one ever participated in this tradition. Thought that didn’t stop the Northwestern or St. Mikes kids from riding their tractors all around the school to show off.

9. You spent lunches eating downtown or in the Shakespearean Gardens.
Being so close to all the best food and coffee shops, lunch breaks were the absolute best at Stratford Central. You could get Boomers’ fries, chill out in the Shakespearean Gardens to enjoy the sunshine, and still make it back for class with time to spare.

10. You still think you went to the greatest high school in Stratford.
Friends can say whatever they want about Northwestern or St. Mike’s, you know that Central was the best school in the city.


Kailie Annetts is a Stratford native but now resides in the depths of Toronto with an interest in storytelling and the written word. Read more about Kailie Annetts

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10 signs you went to Stratford Central Secondary School

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