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5 Things you need to know about DeAnne Smith

By Karli Steen, May 11, 2018

1. DeAnne’s “rebellious side” began early in life.

DeAnne confessed that in elementary school she once got sent to the principal’s office for disrupting the class by singing a teacher’s name: Mrs. Dayo (“Day-O,” from The Banana Boat Song). As a “Beetlejuice” fan, I’d struggle to refrain as well.
DeAnne also admits to Jaywalking.
Could we please trade rap sheets?
(Source: Stop Podcasting Yourself)


2. DeAnne is a real-life Robin Hood.

When DeAnne worked as a grocery store cashier she would sneak food to the less fortunate without charging them for it. The store eventually went bankrupt.
(source: Don’t You Know Who I Am?)

3. Behind every great artist is an even greater pet.

For DeAnne, it’s a chihuahua mix named Rudy.

4. Even she has nightmare dates.

It’s nice to not be alone in that department.
I’m not exactly saying that I’ve had to phone-a-friend for help to get me out of a particularly sticky situation, but DeAnne has!
(source: Don’t You Know Who I Am?)

5. She keeps the laughs coming on Twitter.

If you don’t follow DeAnne on Twitter, you’re missing out. This particular tweet spoke to me:

DeAnne Smith has appeared on “Last Comic Standing,” “Funny as Hell” and “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.” Recently she’s been performing in Luxembourg, Chicago, Sydney and Melbourne.

You can still get tickets for DeAnne’s May, 15th performance at Wolf Performance Hall.

Karli Steen is a lifelong resident of London. When she’s not writing at she’s peforming ‘sit-down’ comedy, trying in vain to avoid adulthood.

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5 Things you need to know about DeAnne Smith

Keith Tomasek
11 May 2018
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