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Podcast with Chilina Kennedy

Chilina Kennedy interview, stratford, beautiful: the carole King story, what's in a bottle

Stratford Festival favourite, and Sheridan College musical theatre program grad, Chillina Kennedy stars in “Beautiful: The Carole King Musical.” I spoke to Kennedy while she was performing on Broadway.

We talk about how Kennedy’s previous Broadway roles had an impact on her creative process for playing Carole King in “Beautiful: The Carole King Musical.”

Kennedy has a young son and we discuss the paradox of being a parent on Broadway.

Kennedy is also an accomplished singer and songwriter, her most recent CD “What You Find in a Bottle” is an evocative compilation of intimate songs she wrote during, and after, the break-up of a relationship.

We discuss how she found the strength to write about these deeply personal moments in her life and the musicians Kennedy chose to work with, some of whom she met while performing at the Stratford Festival, including the Festival’s former Director of Music Rick Fox and percussionist Graham Hargrove.

Show Notes

Chilina Kennedy’s web site.
Chilina Kennedy on Twitter.
Chilina’s CD
on Amazon.
Beautiful – The Carole King Musical in Toronto.
Reviews of Chilina’s appearance in “West Side Story” that Toronto Star theatre critic Richard Ouzounian selected as his favorite musical during his 15 year career as theatre critic.

Chilina Kennedy CD Giveawat

Podcast with Chilina Kennedy

Keith Tomasek
28 June 2017
News and Rumors

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