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Brickenden Award Nominees 2016


The 2016 nominees for the Brickenden Awards are out.

The award show, now in it’s 15th season, boosts local theatre and inspires people to take part in London’s theatre scene.

There were 10 categories when the Brickenden Awards first launched in 2002. There are 13 categories for 2016.

2016 Nominees and Voting

The London Community Players receive the most nominations.

Their shows Arcadia, The Secret Garden – A Musical, and Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me garnered 13 nominations. Two of the nominees, Melissa Metler and Melanie Stewart, are up for their roles in The Secret Garden-A Musical and Arcadia, respectively.


As far as individual productions go, Pacheco Theatre’s Rocky Horror Picture Show and the London Community Players’ The Secret Garden-A Musical tie with seven nominations each. Following is another tie between Troubadour Theatre Collective’s Skylight and OPIA Theatre Collective’s Widow’s Wedding Dress. Both productions grabbed six nods each.

Winners will be announced on Monday January 30th at London Central Library’s Wolf Performance Hall. Click here for tickets.

You can vote for your favourite productions HERE after Jan. 8, 2017.

Outstanding Drama
Skylight (Troubadour Theatre Collective)
Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me (London Community Players)
To Ashes (Dormant Collective)
Twelve Angry Men (Theatre Western)
Widow’s Wedding Dress (OPIA Theatre Collective)

Outstanding Comedy
1-900-DEE-LITE (Maybles’ Productions)
Arcadia (London Community Players)
Flemming (An American Thriller) (Out of Sight Productions)
Much Ado About Nothing (Western Summer Shakespeare)
Sleuth (Funeral Pyre Theatre)

Outstanding Musical
Heathers: The Musical (Musical Theatre Productions)
She Loves Me (Musical Theatre Productions)
Spring Awakening (Theatre Western)
The Rocky Horror Show by Richard O’Brien (Pacheco Theatre)
The Secret Garden – A Musical (London Community Players)

Outstanding Director
Brenda Bazinet (Skylight)
Cassidy Hicks (Widow’s Wedding Dress)
Jeff Culbert (To Ashes)
John Gerry (The History Boys)
Rick Kish (The Secret Garden – A Musical)

Outstanding Male Actor – Lead Role
Conlan Gassi (Archibald, The Secret Garden – A Musical)
George Jolink (Hector, The History Boys)
Jeff Miller (Tom Sergeant, Skylight)
Sean Brennan (Jim “Sharky” Harkin, The Seafarer)
Tyler Parr (Thomas Ash, To Ashes)

Outstanding Female Actor – Lead Role
Aimee Adler (Madame Curie, Madame Curie)
Alexandrea Gaistman (Juror 8, Twelve Angry Men)
Francesca Ranalli (Kyra Hallis, Skylight)
Kathleen Welch (Catherine, Widow’s Wedding Dress)
Robin Luckwaldt Ross (Rosaleen, Widow’s Wedding Dress)

Outstanding Female Actor – Supporting Role
Deborah Mitchell (Dorothy Lintott, The History Boys)
Hailey Hill (Hamlet, Q1 Hamlet)
Jenn Marino (Magenta, The Rocky Horror Show by Richard O’Brien)
Melanie Stewart (Columbia, The Rocky Horror Show by Richard O’Brien)
Melissa Metler (Martha, The Secret Garden – A Musical)

Outstanding Male Actor – Supporting Role
Alan Legg (Old Man, Prelude to a Kiss)
Alex Bogaert (Dakin, The History Boys)
John Reid (Edward Sheridan, Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me)
Stephen Flindall (Michael Watters, Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me)
Trevor Richie (Riff Raff, The Rocky Horror Show by Richard O’Brien)

Outstanding Costumes
Ashton Otten (Heathers: The Musical)
Becky Lenko (The Rocky Horror Show by Richard O’Brien)
Janet Hong (Twelve Angry Men)
Kathryn Sherwin (The Secret Garden – A Musical)
Meghan Biddle (Arcadia)

Outstanding Lighting
Eric Bernard (Widow’s Wedding Dress)
Meaghan Marchand (Skylight)
Rob Coles (August: Osage County)
Rob Coles (The Catering Queen)
Rob Coles (The Weir by Conor McPherson)

Outstanding Set Design
Alina Subrt (Skylight)
Janice Johnston (To Ashes)
Joe Recchia (August: Osage County)
Karen Crichton (The History Boys)
Mark Mooney (The Weir by Conor McPherson)

Outstanding Sound Design
Anne Moniz (Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me)
David Bogaert (The Weir by Conor McPherson)
Lisa DesGrosseilliers (The Secret Garden – A Musical)
Lisa DesGrosseilliers & Michael James Brown (The Rocky Horror Show by Richard O’Brien)
Rob Richardson (She Loves Me)

Outstanding Makeup
Amanda Belmonte (Twelve Angry Men)
Eva Mien & Janice Johnston (The Rocky Horror Show by Richard O’Brien)
Heather Heywood (Heathers: The Musical)
Juan Martin (The Secret Garden – A Musical)
Sidney Hicks (Widow’s Wedding Dress)

Youth Categories

Outstanding Youth Drama
And then there were none (Central Secondary )
Anne of Green Gables (Medway)
Les Belle Soeurs (OKTC)
Sense and Sensibility (Beal)
The Importance of being Ernest (OKTC)

Outstanding Youth Musical
All I really need to know I learned in Kindergarten (Fridge Door Live Theatre)
Godspell (OKTC)
Mary Poppins (Beal)
Seussical (OKTC)
The Drowsy Chaperone (OKTC)


The core Brickenden adjudication panel
figuring out the nominees for this year’s awards
Photo Matt Loop

Past Coverage

2014 Nominations
In 2014, The London Community Players received 2 nominations in both the Comedy category and the Drama category.

But it was By the Book Theatre’s production of A Few Good Men and Iglesia Productions Evil Dead: The Musical that truly dominated the awards.

2014 Award Winners & Photos

Brickenden Photos & Award Winners Awards 2015


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Brickenden Award Nominees 2016

Keith Tomasek
6 January 2017
News and Rumors

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