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The Tricar Group’s New Luxury Condominium

Villas of Avon Trica

Inspired by the success of their first project, the Thirty Six Front St. Luxury Condominiums in Stratford, Ontario, the Tricar Group has been busy at work developing its second – the Villas of Avon – which is currently under construction and already almost 50 percent sold out.

“Based on the positive feedback from the residents at Thirty Six Front St., and the appetite for luxury condominiums in Stratford, we’re confident that the Villas of Avon will be just as successful,” said Linda Pepe, Manager, Corporate Administration at The Tricar Group.

The condo’s first owners will move in to their new homes in Canada’s premier arts town in May, 2017.

Located at 255 John Street, the new development will feature a pair of four-storey boutique-style condos. Each building will include approximately 50 suites with quality finishes and Tricar’s award- winning design and craftsmanship – including gorgeous hardwood flooring, ceramic tiling and stylish details such as crown moulding, roller blinds and LED lights.

“Full-size kitchens are the heart of these beautiful suites, and each comes equipped with energy efficient appliances, as well as a fireplace and in-suite laundry,” said Sales Representative, Scott Rocher.

Tricar Villas of avon in stratford ontario

The suites are priced from the $300’s. They’re perfect for owners with active lifestyles, as there is a fitness centre and plenty of storage for golf clubs or skis in every unit. The standard finishes of the suites would be considered an upgrade by many other builders, says Rocher, and owners who buy early have the opportunity to make their own colour selections to personalize their suite.

“The building itself has a classic style that will look great for years to come” adds Pepe.

Villas of Avon Trica

People from around the world visit Stratford for the Arts as well as the unique boutiques and restaurants.

Located in the new commercial nodes of the west end, Villas of Avon is in a prime location that is expected to flourish with even more sustainable development from The Tricar Group. The condos are blocks from the Stratford General Hospital and within a walking distance of downtown and the Avon River.

“We always design a project to mesh with the fabric of the neighbourhood and the culture of the city where we build,” said Pepe. “Stratford has afforded us the opportunity to build something a little smaller and unique. We’ve revitalized a site that had a vacant school for some time.”

Some of the early clientele for the condos are in the 50 to 60-year-old age range, but there are buyers as young as their mid-20’s. Many are working professionals or ‘empty nesters’ who are attracted to the care-free, luxury condominium lifestyle.

“Many of our buyers own vacation properties in cottage country or the southern United States,” said Rocher. “In conversation with many buyers, the vast majority have a connection to Stratford. They either grew up here as children or have been visiting for so long that it feels like a second home.

“The project has been a very rewarding experience,” Pepe said. “And the support of Stratford officials and residents has been extremely positive.”

Visit for more details about the Villas of Avon condominiums in Stratford.

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The Tricar Group’s New Luxury Condominium

Keith Tomasek
14 September 2016

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