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Critics pick the top 3 to see

stratford festival

Prior to opening night I asked the critics what shows they were most looking forward to seeing.

Toronto Star – Carly Maga
A Little Night Music, Breath of Kings and Macbeth

The Chicago Tribune – Chris Jones
A Chorus Line, Macbeth and Shakespeare in Love

Broadway World – Lauren Gienow
A Chorus Line, Macbeth and Shakespeare in Love

The London Free Press – James Reaney
All My Sons, As You Like It and The Hypochondriac

The Slotkin Letter – Lynn Slotkin
All My Sons, Breath of Kings and Macbeth

Stratford Festival Reviews – Natalie Dewan
The Aeneid, Breath of Kings and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

To see more critics picks and all their Twitter handles click here.

Red Carpet Photos from 2015 (4) (1)Donna & Colme

Donna Feore and Colm Feore 2015

Margaret Atwood, Alice Munro Festival, Wingham

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Critics pick the top 3 to see

Keith Tomasek
10 May 2016
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