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Soulpepper Family Fest winner

The winner of a family pack of tickets to see David Ben’s “Tricks” at the Soulpepper Family Fest is Carole Zaza.

Carole is thrilled to have won the tickets and told me she never wins anything!

Carole calls herself a “Theatre Gramma,” sharing her love of theatre with 4 youngsters in her life.

The photo Carole provided was taken, alongside Brent Carver, at the first production of the “(re)Birth: E. E. Cummings in Song.” Produced with the first year academy students at Soulpepper, Carole says “it is one of my theatre highlights in my lifetime. It’s on my I-Pod and my grandchildren love every word.”

Congratulations Carole! I know you and the family will love “Tricks.”

Details and tickets for “Tricks” at the Soulpepper Family Festival.

Listen to the podcast with magician David Ben on iTunes here.

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Soulpepper Family Fest winner

Keith Tomasek
30 November 2015
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