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Shaw Fest Promo Code Pygmalion

Shaw Festival, promo code, pygmalion, niagara theatre

Patrick MacManus, Harveen Sandhu. Photo Cosmo Condina

The Shaw Festival, and TravelZoo, just launched this great promo code for “Pygmalion.”

The following sections are available for all­­ performances May 31 – Aug. 1:

Rear Orchestra and Balcony (Blue seating) ­… $39 (reg. $68.93-$90.40)
Main Orchestra and Balcony (Gold seating) … $49 (reg. $76.84-$110.74)

Based on a classical myth, “Pygmalion” tells the story of a phonetics professor who tutors a­ lower-class girl to speak proper English in order to pass for a duchess.

Set in modern-day London, Peter Hinton’s contemporary take on the famous play examines the complex business of social class and women’s independence.

Book by May 17 – tickets might sell out.

How To Book

Call Shaw Festival Theatre at 1-800-511-7429
Mention promo code 15442.

Or Book Online Now:

1) Click this Shaw Festival Calendar
2) Select the performance date of your choice and click on “Buy Now. ”
3) Enter promotion code 15442 and select “Continue” under “Select Your Own Seats.”
4) Choose seats on the interactive map and click “Add to Cart.”
5) Review the special access information and click “Continue.”
6) Review order and click “Checkout.”
7) og in or create an account to finish purchase.

Fees: $8.50 per order is additional.

Visit ShawFestReviews for all the reviews, or leave your review of “Pygmalion.

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Shaw Fest Promo Code Pygmalion

Keith Tomasek
30 April 2015
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