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Luminato Presents Apocalypsis

35 years after its debut, in London, Ontario, the Luminato Festival presents Apocalypsis, the epic musical voyage written by acclaimed Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer.

The Luminato production marks the first time Apocalypsis will be performed in full since its world premiere in 1980.

The musical epic is based on the Book of Revelation, and is said to be Schafer’s most ambitious work.

R. Murray Schafer


Apocalypsis features over 1,000 performers, including Tony Award winner Brent Carver.

Carver, a Stratford Festival favourite, plays the Antichrist.

Brent Carver


The lead role, John, will be split into two.
Laurie Anderson voices the role of John.

Laurie Anderson, Apocalypsis, Luminato Festival

Photograph: Andy Sheppard/Redferns

Denise Fujiwara dances the part.
Denise Fujiwara, Apocalypsis, Luminato Festival


Throat-singer Tanya Tagaq plays the role of the old woman.
Polaris Prize, Tanya Tagaq, Luminato, Apocalypsis


Nina Arsenault, Toronto’s transgender performance artist, portrays the Whore of Babylon.

Nina Arsenault, Luminato, Toronto, Apocalypsis

Photograph: Alejandro Santiago

Samoan choreographer Lemi Ponifasio directs and designs.
Ponifasio and Arsenault work together at MAU, a New Zealand ensemble of community and artists from New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.
In 2014 Luminato presented Ponifasio’s powerful Stones in Her Mouth.

Lemi-Ponifasio, Luminato, Apoc­a­lyp­sis Toronto

Photograph: Christian Westerback

Musical Director David Fallis conducts close to 20 other conductors on stage, leading musicians and performers from across Ontario.

Apocalypsis is split into 2 parts, with the first act alone featuring 5 choruses, 6 instrumental ensembles, 8 soloists, and 25 dancers.

Luminato Presents Apocalypsis, Dvaid Fallis, Toronto

Photograph: Leif Norman

More than a dozen choirs comprise the cast, including Kitchener’s Grand Philharmonic Choir, Waterloo’s Da Capo Chamber Choir, and the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir.
Toronto Mend­lessohn Choir, Luminato Presents Apocalypsis, Toronto

Photograph: Frank Nagy

When Apocalypsis premiered at London’s Centennial Hall, Toronto critic William Littler called it “one of the most spectacular events in the history of Canadian music.”

See Apocalypsis from June 26-28, at the Sony Centre. Details & Tickets.

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by Keith Tomasek
Google +

with assistance from Emily Stewart

This post is generously sponsored by Avery’s Inn Next Door, luxurious new suites located a 5 minute walk from the Stratford Festival Theatres.

Luminato Presents Apocalypsis

Emily Stewart

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