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Toronto Arts organizations’ Klout scores 2014

Klout is a tool used to measure social media reach and authority.

While it’s not universally accepted, it is worth monitoring.

Below are the Klout rankings for 2014

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Digital Engagement is a Leading Indicator of Box Office Success

Research, based on Hollywood film grosses, indicates that digital engagement drives box office sales.

A Google whitepaper suggests social media data can help predict a film’s opening weekend box office with 92% accuracy.

The whitepaper examines the behaviours associated with the digital ticket buyer decision-making process and suggests digital engagement is a leading indicator of box office success.

Therefore, now more than ever, it’s essential to have a digital strategy before, and after, opening night.

Digital Relationships Trump Reviews

The music industry also recognizes the value of authentic digital relationships.

This study by Crimson Hexagon examines how audience engagement was a driver of purchase intent for albums released by Kanye West and J. Cole. The research indicates that despite weaker critical reviews, the genuine digital interactions by J. Cole’s audience drove a deep connection to the album, “Born Sinner” which led to stronger loyalty and faster sales.

In fact, J.Cole’s “Born Sinner” was certified “Gold” (500,000+ units) before Kanye West’s “Yeezus” which received better reviews.


Twitter is a powerful social media platform with capacity for Arts organizations to reach a variety of targeted users. It’s also easy for audience members to share their thoughts about a production on Twitter.

3 Things You Need To Ask Yourself to Improve Twitter Engagement.

One change in this year’s Klout rankings is that I ranked performing arts organizations, not just theatres. Impressively, some of the smaller theatrical organizations managed to beat some of the larger performing arts organizations.

2014 Toronto Performing Arts Organizations ranked by Klout score

Canadian Opera company Twitter klout

Klout Score for Buddies in Bad Times

Klout Score for National Ballet of Canada

Klout Score for Mirvish Productions

Klout Score for Canadian Stage

Klout Score for Harbourfront's World Stage

Klout Score for Theatre 20

Klout Score for Soulpepper Theatre

Klout Score for Factory Theatre

Klout Score for Tarragon Theatre

Here’s a Twitter List of all these organizations. Subscribe to it to learn from the top Tweeters from 2014 & 2013.

Past Year’s Results

The results from last year’s survey are HERE.
*The data was collected the weeks of July 29, and Nov. 23, 2014.

by Keith Tomasek
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Toronto Arts organizations’ Klout scores 2014

Emily Stewart
9 March 2015
Theatre Marketing

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