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6 Poutines In Stratford That Will Change Your Life

poutine in stratford,
by Kailie Annetts

There is something about poutine that makes you feel cozy.

Everyone knows that Stratford, Ontario is known for theatre and decadent restaurants. There is no doubt about the amazing food available in Stratford but sometimes you crave a comforting meal as simple as fries, gravy and cheese.

As Canadians, we are blessed to be from the home and native land of the decadent dish poutine, regularly being able to get our fix. Yet, imagine a land of confusing disco fries or even expensive, disgusting variations (Yes America, we’re looking at you).

If you’re in the Stratford area we have some good news for you. There are so many food options it can be tough to nail down the best ones, especially if you’re picky!

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a big time poutine lover or just really want to try this Canadian staple, we can help you find the best eats in the city.

image from merit_tej on Istagram

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6 Poutines In Stratford That Will Change Your Life

Keith Tomasek
3 March 2015
Non-Theatre Fun

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