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The Sound of Music at Stratford: photos

The Sound of Music at Stratford opens Tuesday May 21.

Rehearsals for The Sound of Music at Stratford just began. I’ve collected a few photos of the cast & crew gathering together for the first time, that Broadway World published .

Sound_of_Music_photos_Principal_cast, Sound_of_Music_photos, Sound_of_Music_photos_Stratford

Effie Honeywell (Louisa), Ben Carlson (Captain von Trapp), Stephanie Rothenberg (Maria), Alec Dahmer (Kurt), Sarah DaSilva (Marta), Zoe Brown (Gretl), Graci Leahy (Brigitta), Alexandra Herzog (Liesl) and Sean Dolan (Friedrich)

Donna Feore is at the helm as Director and Choreographer. Her last two musicals at Stratford “Crazy For You” and “Fiddler on the Roof” were big hits, so audiences are expecting great things.

The Musical director is Laura Burton (Jacques Brel is Alive and Well, Mother Courage and Her Children) seen below with rehesal pianists Marilyn Dallman, Charlene Nafziger and Feore

Stratford_Festival_Sound_of_Music, Stratford_Festival_Sound_of_Music_photos, Marilyn, Dallman, Donna Feore, Laura Burton and Charlene Nafziger

Marilyn Dallman, Donna Feore, Laura Burton and Charlene Nafziger

Stephanie Rothenberg, making her debut at Stratford, plays Maria.

Rothenberg appeared on Broadway as the romantic lead, Rosemary, opposite Nick Jonas, and Daniel Radcliffe, in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

Rothenberg auditioned for How to Succeed while studying at NYU’s Tisch school of Arts, and put her studies on hold when she secured an ensemble role.

Stratford_Festival_Sound_of_Music, Stratford_Festival_Sound_of_Music_photos, Stephanie_Rothenberg

Stephanie Rothenberg

Ben Carlson, in his eighth season at Stratford, plays Captain von Trapp.

Stratford_Festival_Sound_of_Music, Stratford_Festival_Sound_of_Music_photos, Stephanie_Rothenberg_Ben Carlson

Stratford_Festival_Sound_of_Music, Stratford_Festival_Sound_of_Music_photos, creative team, cast

The cast and creative team. Click to enlarge

Photos by Jason Clarke

See more photos and an interview with Stephanie Rothenberg at Broadway World.

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The Sound of Music at Stratford: photos

Keith Tomasek
13 February 2015
News and Rumors

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