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Tarragon Theatre’s Sextet

Sextet is the new comedy from Morris Panych playing at the Tarragon Theatre.

The plot sounds a little bit like one of the best scenes in John Hughes Home Alone, but rather than a pair of men, it’s a group of classical musicians that are stuck in a motel during a snowstorm.

You know what it’s like when six people get stuck in a motel, comedic farce ensues.

How long can the musicians keep their composure before a blizzard of sexual confusion buries them all?

In an article in the Toronto Star Panych said that he “ found classical musicians can be amongst the most sexually liberated and promiscuous creatures on the planet.”

This game of “musical rooms” is also an homage to the transcendent power of beautiful music.

Bruce Dow and Laura Condlin

Written and directed by Morris Panych, Sextet stars Damien Atkins, Laura Condlln, Bruce Dow, Matthew Edison, Rebecca Northan and Jordan Pettle

Bruce Dow and Laura Condlin are surely familiar to Stratford Festival fans, they’ve both received rave reviews for their appearances at the festival.

Rebecca Northan is making her debut at Tarragon. Northan is a five-time Canadian Comedy Award nominee for “Best Female Improviser” and she has also appeared as a guest host on CBC’s This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

Check out the great photos below by Cylla von Tiedemann.

Sextet runs at the Tarragon Theatre through – Dec 14, 2014 in the Mainspace

Laura Condlin, Damien Atkins, tarragon theatre, sextet

Laura Condlin, Damien Atkins

Bruce Dow, Rebecca Northan, tarragon, sextet, morris panych

Bruce Dow, Rebecca Northan

Matthew Edison, Damien Atkins, tarragon theatre, morriis panych, sextet

by Keith Tomasek
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Tarragon Theatre’s Sextet

Keith Tomasek
12 November 2014
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