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Which Canadian play has grossed over 40 Million?

Peter Colley, interview“I’ll Be Back Before Midnight” is Canada’s most widely produced play. Written by Peter Colley, the play has grossed over 40 million, world wide, at the box office.

Peter’s first box office hit was “The Donnellys” at The Grand Theatre in London. Are people who write about the legendary Donnelly massacre cursed? Peter talks about the difficulties he encountered while researching his play on my podcast “The Inadequate Life.

Peter also talks candidly about the dark days after the success of “The Donnelys” and the odd jobs that drove him to write the even bigger box office hit “I’ll Be Back Before Midnight”.

Click through to my pod­cast site for the full pod­cast inter­view.

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Which Canadian play has grossed over 40 Million?

Keith Tomasek
22 July 2014
News and Rumors

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