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Photos from the Music at Rundles video shoot

Weekends in July and August the Stratford Summer Music Festival has teamed up with Rundles, one of Ontario’s finest restaurants, for an up-close and intimate musical brunch.

Now in its fifth season, the Musical Brunches are luxurious and stimulating – a great way to start your Saturday or Sunday.

This season Anna Atkinson is the featured musician.

I dropped by Rundles to watch video director & camera operator Rebecca Mendes, and sound recordist Vangel Argiro, produce a YouTube video to promote the event.

Getting ready to record the video with Anna

Rebecca Mendes and Vangel Argiro

A different view

Anna’s graceful hands

The gorgeous garden at Rundles

The Youtube video promoting Musical Brunches at Rundles.

Here’s my mini review of the July 19th debut of Music at Rundles

Click on the logo below to sample Anna’s CD on iTunes

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Photos from the Music at Rundles video shoot

Keith Tomasek

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