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Dad took me to Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo Live

What do you wear to an Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo show?
My mom got me this cool hat
Keith Tomasek, erths dinosaur Zoo, Mirvish, Toronto

I learned that this Triceratops is an herbivore
It eat ferns and other low growing plants

Erth's dinosuar zoo, Toronto, Mirvish,  Triceratops

I like to eat popcorn
I wonder if the Triceratops would like popcorn?
Erth's dinosuar zoo, Toronto, Mirvish

The Tyrannosaurus rex is a fierce carnivore
He almost ate that boy from the audience
Erth's dinosuar zoo, Toronto, Mirvish , Tyrannosaurus rex. t rex

I got to interview Scott Wright the boss at Erth’s Zoo
Good thing he’s not a carnivore
Erth's dinosuar zoo, Toronto, Mirvish, Scott Wright

I was a bit scared at the show
But not as scared as these kids

Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo Live runs at the Panasonic theatre until July 27.

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Dad took me to Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo Live

Keith Tomasek

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