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Stratford Summer Music Festival 2014 line-up

John A. Miller, Artistic Producer, of Stratford Summer Music Festival recently announced the line-up for the Stratford Summer Music Festival 2014 season.

This year’s Stratford Summer Music Festival welcome musicians from Canada, Cuba, Germany, Haiti, Russia and Ireland, plus the return of several festival favourites.

The festival is one of my favourite events in Stratford. My family and I always get out to see as many concerts as possible. From the kids’ School of Rawk to world class musicians performing in intimate venues, it’s a festival not to be missed.

New this year, all performance at St. Andrew’s Church will have
reserved seating. Now you can select the best seat in the house and no longer wait in line.

Below are a few of the diverse performances I’m looking forward to. View the full 2014 line-up

World Premiere Performance
Friday Aug. 1
Click here for performance details
Hilary Hahn, violin and Jan Lisiecki, piano with The Annex Quartet
Hilary Hahn, violin, Jan Lisiecki, piano, Stratford Summer music In a festival season filled with highlights, the concert with Hilary Hahn, violin and Jan Lisiecki, piano, stands out. This is a world premiere performance with two musicians of exceptional craft and acclaimed talent. They are performing together for this one performance only.

The Annex Quartet

Making their fourth appearance at the Stratford Summer Music Festival, and their third occasion performing with Jan Lisiecki, this Quartet is a particular favourite of Stratford audiences.

Whiskey Jack and Seán Cullen
Monday Aug. 4th
Click here for performance details

Monday Aug. 4th is the date for “Stompin’ Tom Connors – A Tribute” Featuring Whiskey Jack and Seán Cullen.
Stomin' Tom, Whiskey Jack, Stratford, Summer music, Seán Cullen,
Whiskey Jack is the band that often backed Stompin’ Tom on his concert tours.

The Festival has chosen the best place they could find for a salute to Stompin’ Tom – the Royal Canadian Legion’s Wagon Wheel Room – with all the hospitality and spirit that spot offers.

Montréal Jazz
Sat. July 19
Click for performance details

As a Montréaler I’m excited about seeing the Oliver Jones Jazz Trio at The Church Restaurant. It’s one of the Stratford Summer Music Festival’s most popular Jazz venues. Plus, it’s a natural fit for an artist who began playing in church.

Jones is a truly unique jazz pianist. His jazz interpretations are infused with the spirit of Montréal: Jones made his debut, playing the piano in Church, at age five. Within a few years he was playing in nightclubs.

You’ll see what I mean in this performance of Oscar Peterson’s “Hymn to Freedom,” which was inspired by the U.S. civil rights movement.

Musical Brunch at Rundles
Saturdays and Sundays July 19th to Aug. 24th
Click for performance details
music at rundles, rundles, stratford summer music,Last year one of the highlights of The Stratford Summer Music Festival was attending the musical brunch at Rundles. It’s an intimate setting that fosters a unique environment where the artist and audience can truly connect. Plus the sunny atmosphere and five star food combine to make it a perfect way to start your weekend.

This year multi-instrumentalist Anna Atkinson will be on stage.

Stratford Festival regulars will recognize Anna as violinist and accordionist in the revival of “Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well and Living in Paris” and in 2011 Anna was a contributing composer and performer on stage in “The Grapes of Wrath.” In 2013, she was featured as the eponymous fiddler in “Fiddler On The Roof.

by Keith Tomasek
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Stratford Summer Music Festival 2014 line-up

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