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Bed & Breakfasts

I’m pleased to announce that the Stratford and Area Bed and Breakfast Association is a new sponsor here on

The association was formed over 20 years ago when several B&B operators recognized the need for quality assurance standards.

14 point quality assurance list

Today the Association boasts over 60 members, each of whom must adhere to strict guidelines including everything from assuring an off-street parking space for each guest room, to a 14 point quality assurance list of the association’s inspection guidelines for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Book Early

If you’ve ever stayed a at B&B you know that people are very loyal to their favourite B&B. That means regular visitors book well in advance. In Stratford the B&B’s often get booked before the show tickets; so if you are considering a B&B it’s never too early to start searching for one that suits your needs.

Stratford festival bed and breakfast

The Stratford and Area Bed and Breakfast Association has one of the best search tools I’ve ever seen. You can select a wide variety of options, including 6 choices under “Type of Bed.” There are also options for children, pets and smoking.

So if it’s your first time booking a B&B consider booking soon. The busiest month at Stratford is August, and a few B&B’s are already almost fully booked. You can check availability right on the Stratford and Area Bed and Breakfast Association website.

If you have any tips, advice or questions about Stratford B&Bs please leave a Facebook comment below and I’ll be sure it gets a speedy reply!

By Keith Tomasek
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Note: I do not receive any commissions or refferal fees

Bed & Breakfasts

Keith Tomasek
27 March 2014
Non-Theatre Fun

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