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Music at Rundles: A Joyful Morning

Last Saturday morning Suzie and I went to Music at Rundles. It was a truly joyful experience, the music and food was creative and inspired.

We arrived at Rundles at 10:45am for the 11:00am seating. It was our first visit to Rundles, and our first time attending “Music at Rundles,” which is part of The Stratford Summer Music festival, so we didn’t know what to expect.

MenuThe menu, (click for the complete menu), was fabulous. I started with the Beetroot. The combination of Belgian endive and smoked vintage cheddar was perfect. Suzie started with the Sardines, and I have to admit that when I first met Suzie, so many years ago, I was impressed with her eclectic appetite. Who can resist a woman who knows her way around a plate of grilled sardines, fennel and chorizo.


The sardines did not disappoint.

The Main Dishes

Suzie and I both opted for the Scallops. They were fresh, flavourful and flawlessly prepared, a wonderfully light, yet at once substantial course for the time of day.

After spying our neighbours’ plates, and then comparing notes, we came to the conclusion that all the main dishes were excellent.

Honestly, I might return to sample the Confit of duck. The aesthetically tantalizing crispy skin was, by all reports, a highlight at the neighbouring table.

The Saturday Sweets

The Dessert menu offers something for every palate. I opted for the cheese plate, a well thought out selection of Canadian, unpasteurized milk, cheeses. Suzie had the Lemon tart which arrived with a tangy, orange sorbet; the two combined to create a special sweet, citrus experience.

Incidentally, the service was first class. I have food sensitivities and I was confident than my needs were being carefully attended to.

Onto the music.

Each Saturday and Sunday, until Aug. 25th, Joseph Macerollo, one of the world’s greatest living accordionists, is on the stage at Rundles. More than a concert, Joesph guided us through his approach to the accordion.Crowd

Laced with pop-culture references, including the score to the film “The Godfather“ and TV`s “Lawrence Welk Show,“ as well as others from the world of classical music, Macerollo not only entertained us, but shared intimate stories illustrating his true passion and devotion.

Armed with a lifetime of experience and talent, it`s no surprise this former member of Canada’s world famous Quartetto Gelato, and recent appointee to the Officers of the Order of Canada, divides his musical life into three activities: performing, educating and organizing/fund raising.

The music, the food and the elegant ambiance proved to be a wonderful start to the weekend. Music at Rundles concludes in time for theatre patrons to attend a Saturday matinee.

For reservations call Rundles 519-271-6442
Music at Rundles runs Sat­ur­day and Sun­day, until Aug. 25th and is presented in partnership with The Stratford Summer Music Festival.

Here`s a great interview with Macerollo

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Music at Rundles: A Joyful Morning

Keith Tomasek

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