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A Christmas Gift of Tea

Karen Hartwick is a certified tea
sommelier, accredited by the Specialty Tea Institute in New York.

Just as a wine sommelier can amplify people’s enjoyment of a restaurant by selecting the ideal wine, Karen explores people’s personal tastes and introduces them to individually selected teas.

The certified tea sommelier designation is like a wine sommelier, but much more rare.


Karen also studies the historic health and wellness properties of tea. Some of Karen`s tea blends have health benefits that can assist people with everything from Diabetes to hangovers.

Traveling the world in search of teas, Karen concocts unique blends of teas from the farms she visits.

You can browse her online catalogue and then call to place an order.

Or you can simply call to discuss your personal needs and Karen will help you select the perfect tea. You might have to leave a message, but you will receive a return call.

Call Karen directly at 1-800-733-0376.

Tea for the Christmas Season

Karen’s most popular
holiday tea is Hot Cinnamon Spice a sweet and savoury tea she makes with black tea, chunks of orange peel, and cinnamon from three countries: Sri Lanka, India and China.

The orange and cinnamon add natural sweetness. There are no sweeteners, making it a great tea for people trying to cut back on added sweeteners.

Stratford Festival Actors Drop In

During the past Stratford season Aaron Krohn, who played the lead in Henry V, stopped by. Krohn, a tea drinker and world traveler, ranked Hartwick’s Earl Grey Supreme blend as the best he’d ever tasted, stocking up at Karen’s Stratford tea boutique before heading home to New York.

Local Herbs

Geraint Wyn Davies, best known for his work on the TV show Forever Knight, is a fan of Karen’s herbal teas. Many of the herbs Karen uses are sourced from local farms.

Availability varies, depending on the harvest, so call to inquire about the herbal teas.

A Variety of Infusions Are Also Avaialble

For example this Belgian Chocolate Rooibos is a smooth and relaxing treat. It has cocoa bean and
calendula petals which give you the essence of chocolate and the calming effects of the petals. It is a definite calorie-free replacement for dessert.

Dr. Oz Recommends Pu-Erh Tea

One tea that’s in the news these days is Pu-Erh.
It’s a fermented tea, and much like other fermented foods, including sauerkraut, miso or Kimchee, it’s loaded with goodness.

Pu-Erh tea was recently featured on the Dr. Oz Show. It’s known to help people lose weight. Drinking the tea can increase your energy and metabolism. On the show Dr. Oz discusses how the tea “literally shrinks your fat cells.”

Karen has a variety of Pu-Erh teas from China and Vietnam.

See more from Dr. OZ on this The Power of Tea Video.

Tea Tastings

If you plan to be in Stratford this summer consider a gift certificate for a personal tea tasting.

Karen will guide you through a tea and chocolate tasting or tea and honey tasting. The tastings are educational and great fun!

Call Karen directly at 1-800-733-0376.

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A Christmas Gift of Tea

Keith Tomasek
9 December 2012

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