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Holiday Dog Treats

The Barkery’s mission is to provide dogs and dog owners with delicious, nutritious and healthy treats. They ship anywhere in Canada.

See those snowmen above? They’re dog treats.
Each one is made from a secret recipe…
by dogs.

This is the perfect gift for the pet lover on your list.

Afterall, what dog doesn’t deserve a visit from one of Santa’s dog elves?


The Barkery opened in 2001. When I first set foot in their store I was struck by how fresh it smelled.

That’s because the Barkery uses only the best ingredients from local farmers, including fresh apples, carrots, zucchini, all natural peanut butter, honey, molasses, flax seed, parsley, cheese, real bacon and more.

While visiting the store I learned that the dog treats are edible for humans too, and I was tempted to eat one, but I held back.

The Barkery’s Christmas dog treats come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You have to admit, the merchants of Stratford are creative.

According to the Ipsos research, one in four Canadian pets will find a gift under the tree this Christmas.

Canadians now spend more on pet supplies at Christmas than they do on sporting goods, home furnishing, vacations and travel or home appliances.

So now your dog can have a Christmas stocking to go along with his bone.

Order online or give them a call at 519-273-6311.

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Holiday Dog Treats

Keith Tomasek
4 December 2012

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