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Stratford 2013 Season: teasing out the fun stuff

While searching around online, does anyone use the word “surfing” anymore, I came across an excellent blog post about the recent announcement of the Stratford Festival’s 2013 season.

The last segment of the blog post, from Kelly Bedard Managing Editor of My Entertainment World, had some excellent reflections, prediction and wishes for next year’s season.

By now much has been written about the upcoming season, I chose to link to this young writer’s blog because of its passion and spirit. Has anyone else imagined Founding Artistic Director of Soulpepper Theatre Company Albert Schultz as Tevye?


What I’m waiting for is the next round of announcements. I want to hear that Tom Rooney’s playing Iago and Bethany Jillard‘s finally getting her shot at Juliet. I don’t want to see another round of Tyrone Savage’s Romeo but wouldn’t mind seeing him try Mercutio alongside a vibrant young guy the director’s gone out and found specifically for Romeo (hey Tim Carroll, I have a few suggestions for you!).

I’m waiting to see who will play my favourite Merchant character, Antonio and which young actress gets to take on the great, smart Portia (or the great, smart Desdemona for that matter). Stratford currently doesn’t have any high-ranking African American men in the company so will director Chris Abraham court Dion Johnstone back to the festival or look elsewhere? Maybe he’ll promote the too-often-overlooked Timothy D. Stickney, or interpret “moor” to mean something other than “black”.

Who will play holier-than-thou Isabella and, more interestingly, her hypocritical antagonist Antonio? Will the Jesus Christ Superstar cast return to do Tommy?

Which musical man can follow up Brent Carver and take on Tevye? Everyone I can think of for the role is either too young (Mike Nadajewski) or too old (Carver himself). Can we please get Kyle Blair into the company again somehow? Maybe he can play Perchik!

Why doesn’t Stratford steal someone awesome from Soulpepper or Shaw and get Albert Schultz to do Tevye or Steven Sutcliffe as Antonio in Measure for Measure? (You know who would be a cute Romeo- Wade Bogert-O’Brien, but he would need to be poached from Shaw). There are so many casting questions and I just really want to know the answers.

The fun part’s still to come- the casting, the planning, the gradual teasing out of information on whether Romeo & Juliet will be set in 15th century Verona or Toronto, 2013 (just for the record, I would Really like them to set it in Toronto, 2013. Or really just anytime/anywhere other than 15th century Verona). Stratford’s 2013 season looks pretty good so far; I’m starting to think that I’ll be greatly rewarded for putting a little trust in Antoni Cimolino.

Read the full post HERE

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Stratford 2013 Season: teasing out the fun stuff

Keith Tomasek
19 July 2012
News and Rumors

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