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Video: 42nd Street tap number

“Watching 42nd Street, the tap-happy 1980 backstage musical based on a 1933 movie, in Stratford’s Festival Theatre adds an extra thrill. The legs seem to come at you, as if you’re watching a movie in 3-D, and it feels like at any moment the head of a well-heeled patron in the front row might be sent soaring into the balcony by a chorus girl’s high kick.”

That’s what J. Kelly Nestruck, of the Globe and Mail, wrote about 42nd Street.

His review is a great read, loaded with insight about the show and it’s place in the Festival. The National Post’s Robert Cushman also provides excellent observations, including this: “the production’s own shafts of self-mockery are defter than those of the script, which often seems to be hedging its bets between hand-on-heart and tongue-in-cheek.”

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Video: 42nd Street tap number

Keith Tomasek
15 June 2012
News and Rumors

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