The Homecoming

July 26th - October 30th Avon Theatre Ticket Info
Generally Positive Reviews based on 6 Critics
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6 Reviews

The Record, Robert Reid -

“The Homecoming is the dramatic equivalent of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, with a nod to Satre and Camus, Kafka and Beckett. The Homecoming is tough, disconcerting, uncompromising theatre that tests an audiences’ collective sense of human decency…”

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QMI Agency, John Coulbourn -

“…compelling and often bleakly funny and Tarver mines that humour for all it is worth without ever shortchanging the tragedy…Ricketts meanwhile offers up a Ruth as impenetrable and as enigmatic as a sphinx, while Lake manages to combine the charm of a child with a deeper physical menace, rendered more powerful for all its innocence.”

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The Globe and Mail, J. Kelly Nestruck -

4 Stars: From Nestruck’s full review: “[from the] first juicy scene between Dennehy’s amused but secretly scared Max and Krohn’s sensational, staccato Lenny, it’s clear Tarver’s production is going to sizzle. Krohn – a Broadway veteran of Tom Stoppard’s plays with a pockmarked face made for Pinter – is particularly fantastic, whipping out each line like a flick knife and jabbing it at his interlocutors.”

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Toronto Star, Richard Ouzounian -

4 Stars:”Jennifer Tarver’s direction is not afraid to steer her actors straight towards the heart of darkness that lies at the heart of this play, but she’s also liberated them to mine every single perverted nugget of humour inside the story as well.”

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Globe and Mail - J.Kelly Nestruck

4 Stars: Nestruck’s full review to come. In the meantime, “Comedy and menace are balanced just right in Jennifer Tarver’s unsettling production of Harold Pinter’s 1964 hit…An all-around impressive cast. Ian Lake is very funny as a boxer…Cara Ricketts is cool as a cucumber as the mysterious Ruth and holds her own against this pack of males.

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