The Best Brothers

June 26th - September 16th Studio Theatre Ticket Info
Generally Positive Reviews based on 5 Critics
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5 Reviews

The National Post - Robert Cushman

“Underlying all the tension between them is, of course, an unspoken rivalry over which of them their mother loved the best…Tensions come hilariously to the fore in a funeral reception scene, in which the two boys jockey for position in the matter of eulogy delivery”

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The Ottawa Citizen - Jamie Portman

..there’s no denying [McIvor’s] engaging touch with comedy, especially comedy arising from character rather than situation…The play’s vein of black humour is never threatening because it’s framed in a succession of sit-com blips, which are adroitly processed>”

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The Globe and Mail - J. Kelly Nestruck

“…it’s one of the most beautifully bittersweet plays MacIvor has written. And Bunny’s treatise on dogs and love near the end of the play will convince you that you desperately need both, no matter what your allergist says.”

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The Toronto Star - Robert Crew

“It’s comedy at its purest as the brothers squabble over the obituary that will appear in the paper…But underneath that wild hilarity is the MacIvor heart and wisdom as the brothers struggle to come to terms with the past and the present, to recognize and respect each other for what they’ve become.”

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The Record - Robert Reid

Reid writes about two new plays, Hirsch and The Best Brothers, in this review. “Both make for compelling, engaging theatre and feature virtuosic performances… Hirsch, the play paints a highly impressionistic portrait of the interior contours of his visionary creative life….MacIvor is one of Canada’s best playwrights. He is also a gifted actor, as confirmed by The Best Brothers, a two-man play in which he shares the stage with John Beale.”

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