King John

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10 Reviews

Carroll’s show superb

Chris Jones The Chicago Tribune

“This production has a remarkable intimacy, crystallized by the formidable actor Graham Abbey, whose relationship with the audience becomes one of the closest I’ve ever seen in a Shakespearean drama, even though Abbey is playing a character named Philip the Bastard.”

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Unremarkable production

Lynn Slotkin The Slotkin Letter

“[Seana McKenna] brings her own grace and regal bearing to the role. And when matters turn ugly for Arthur, McKenna is heartbreaking….Good acting in a rather unremarkable production except for the suggestion it’s all lit by candle light.”

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Stratford makes the best of an uneven play

Robert Cushman The National Post

“The Stratford Festival’s King John is a very good production of a play about a very bad king. Tom McCamus plays him, rivetingly, as a neurotic narcissist who, unlike his fellow Shakespearean tyrant Richard III, makes the fatal mistake of caring whether people like him.”

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McCamus’s King John a dangerous man

Lynn Slotkin The Slotkin Letter

His speech is almost sing-songy that lulls you into thinking this man is a lightweight intellectually. He isn’t. When he declares war it is quietly and with a lethal smile. There is no doubt this is a dangerous man.

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McCamus a joy to watch

Jamie Portman Capital Critics circle

“I’m not sure whether it’s correct to say that McCamus is a source of endless delight in the production that opened Wednesday. But it’s certainly accurate to say that you can’t take your eyes off him from the moment he first shambles onto the stage of the Tom Patterson Theatre…”

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Deliciously contemporary

J. Kelly Nestruck Globe and Mail

“a very cynical play about politics….[Carroll is] presenting King John as if it were at the intimate, indoors Blackfriars Theatre in Stratford’s intimate, indoors Tom Patterson Theatre…I had enough fun playing Carroll’s game this time around to see this King John as half-full, rather than half-empty.”

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Caroll’s interest lies in the history of English theatre

Robert Reid The Record

“If audiences don’t feel transported to the 16th century, the encroaching darkness, illuminated by candles (hats off to lighting desig ner Kevin Fraser), certainly reflects the increasing thematic darkness of a play…Despite the intrinsic strength of the cast, when all is said, they collectively cannot lift the production higher than the prosaic.”

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Uneven, medieval House of Cards

Richard Ouzounian The Toronto Star

“the action is riveting, the political machinations delicious and all the performers, royal or otherwise, take great delight in the parts they’re playing….a truly electric first half — and a second that is drenched in candlelight, in every sense of the word.”

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