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Generally Positive Reviews based on 10 Critics
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10 Reviews

The Chicago Tribune - Chris Jones

“The comic performances always are solid, and the ensemble is fabulous… but Feore does not make enough of an attempt to solve the chronic Act 2 flaws in the book to this creaky vehicle for the songs of George and Ira Gershwin”

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Broadway World - Mary Alderson

“Natalie Daradich is perfectly cast as Polly Baker – she belts “I got Rhythm” with the power of Ethel Merman, for whom the song was originally written, and has a hint of the fluttery vibrato that made Jodi Benson famous when she originated the role of Polly on Broadway in 1992.”

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Donald's Dish - Geoff Dale

“As Slim, the bass player, Michael McLennan brings down the house with his jazzy little rendition of Slap That Bass, while his cowboy counterparts Steve Ross (Moose), Marcus Nance (Mingo) and Stephen Patterson (Sam) capture both the musical and comic style of the classic Gershwin numbers.”

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JWR - James Wegg

“like ALL CAPS in print, the penchant for so many singers these days to squeeze rather than release too often gives their songs an edge that the composers never imagined”

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The Guelph Mercury - Robert Reid

“[Feore’s] production seems to leap into the laps of the audience, featuring auspicious festival debuts of two gifted leads, a superb cast of supporting actors and a splendid company of singers and dancers, topped with choreography that is fresh, dynamic, athletic, funny and wondrously inventive.”

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The Bard and the Boards - Robyn Godfrey

“[Feore’s]choreography and Shelly Hanson’s musical direction reaches back to the very core of America’s cultural heritage: tap-dance, jazz, and the swinging, crazy, flying dances it birthed, the jitterbug and Lindy hop.”

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