Bartholomew Fair

May 27th - October 2nd Tom Patterson Theatre Ticket Info
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Michael Kuchwara Associated Press -

Kuchwara selects Bartholomew Fair as one of the top shows: “They may call it the Stratford Shakespeare Festival but it is one of the Bard’s contemporaries — Ben Jonson — who gets the most unexpected and satisfying showcase during the first half of the renown repertory theater’s 2009 season.”

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J. Kelly Nestruck The Globe and Mail -

“…as a pageant of colourful characters, the play is very entertaining, as is Jonson’s street-level language. While there are many compilations out there of Shakespeare’s insults, Jonson – who lived a much more raucous life, complete with charges of treason and murder – out-bawds the Bard at every turn.”

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Robert Cushman National Post -

Cushman notes that this is the play’s North American premiere, 395 years after its British one, adding “… Jonsonian comedy, combining a thick text with the action of a farce, is a tough act; this is an encouraging start at cracking it.”

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John Coulbourn Sun Media -

The headline is worse than the review:”… even though Cimolino turns… Bartholomew Fair into an extended visit to a poorly conceived theatrical funhouse, he has at least ensured that it is a funhouse of the highest quality construction. “

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