A Midsummer’s Chamber play

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7 Reviews

Both beyond Shakespeare’s wildest dreams

Charles Isherwood The New York Times

Charles Isherwood of the NY Times on the Chamber play “I emerged stunned and disoriented, partly stimulated and partly exhausted. Theater rarely makes you feel any of these things consistently, let alone simultaneously.” and this of the other “Mr. Abraham’s production ranks among the most purely enchanting I’ve seen”

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Certainly striking, also monotonous

Robert Cushman The National Post

“If you are among the learned, you can enjoy watching each of the actors seamlessly switching from one character to another; if you aren’t, you won’t even know who those characters are. Let me be clear: Sellars is a director worth inviting (and, I hope, re-inviting) to Stratford, and this production is worth seeing. But it’s a one-note treatment of a rich symphonic work and thus, for all its surface solemnity, a frivolous one.”

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Boredom, then frustration, and finally sheer aggravation

Robyn Godfrey The Bard and the Boards

“It would have been more interesting to read this version of the play, not witness its desiccation. I do not use that word lightly – for all of Mr. Sellars’ enlightened intentions to get at the heart of the play, he only reveals – relentlessly so – the dark, lustful, anguished side of the play’s core emotion, love.”

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A radical rethinking

Lynn Slotkin The Slotkin Letter

“Many will fall on their knees in lemming-like slavish supplication to the iconoclastic efforts of Peter Sellars, thinking this is the most incredible interpretation of the play they have ever seen. Others will think it’s a load of pretentious crap. Me, I hated it.”

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Minimalist Midsummer has all the charm of a madhouse

Robert Reid The Record

“Under Sellars’ challenging direction, the cast resembles a quartet of inmates performing an abridged version of Shakespeare in a madhouse…Sellars refers the ensemble to “a quartet of voices,” but it is a quartet of voices in a single key—the key of lunacy without love and poetry, to paraphrase Theseus in one of the play’s most famous passages.”

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Four brave actors

Richard Ouzounian The Toronto Star

Richard Ouzounian praises all 4 actors, Sarah Afful, Dion Johnstone, Trish Lindström and Mike Nadajewski adding “if you’d like to reach out to grasp the hand of William Shakespeare and feel the pulse of life beating there, then this is an absolute must-see piece of theatre.”

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