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June 11th - November 1st Avon Theatre Ticket Info
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Lawrence B. Johnson The Detroit News -

Johnson raves about Bruce Dow but includes the supporting cast who do a great job with this broad comedy. He gives kudos to Dan Chameroy and one of Stratford’s great veteran actors, Stephen Ouimette who he suggests deserves “top billing.” You can get $25 tickets from the Stratford Festival.

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Chris Jones Chicago Tribune -

“[Chilina] Kennedy (who can also do comedy) is at the core of McAnuff’s laugh-a-second [show]… the genial Bruce Dow (a Canadian Nathan Lane, only sweeter) and the hilarious “Slings and Arrows” star Stephen Ouimette, race from gag to gag”

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J. Kelly Nestruck The Globe and Mail -

Nestruck has an eye for details, read it before you see the show. “Chameroy was my personal favourite, positively Shatneresque as the self-regarding Miles Gloriosus…[Chilina Kennedy] has a particular knack for broad comedy parts like Philia; she’s a scream.

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John Coulbourne Sun Media -

Coulbourne enjoys Chilina Kennedy again:  “There’s something magical in the loopy chemistry between Nadajewski and Kennedy (who follows her West Side Story rendition of I Feel Pretty with an equally memorable rendition of Lovely here without missing a beat)”

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