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Theatre Critics Pick Their Top 3 Shows at The Stratford Festival 2016

If you could only attend three performances at The Stratford Festival in 2016 what 3 would you choose?

The 2016 Stratford Festival playbill includes 13 shows, but who has the time, and money, to see 13 shows?

To help you figure out what’s hot this season, I challenged a group of critics and writers to pick only three shows.

I pulled the mini-bios and photos from Twitter. Click on the images for their Twitter feed. Unless otherwise stated, their choices are in random order.

John_CoulbournJohn Coulbourn
Long-time performing arts writer for TorSun, now retired
– Macbeth, A Little Night Music and Bunny


Natalie_DewanNatalie Dewan
Arts and cultural administrator, avid reader, traveler, proud Canadian, theatre-lover, history buff, foodie
– Breath of Kings, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and The Aeneid
Natalie is a writer for Stratford Festival Reviews. Read why Natalie chose these shows, and a short preview of the season, here.
Lauren_GLauren Gienow
Young professional, Sabres fan, Avid theatre-goer–and correspondent for BroadwayWorld Toronto
– Macbeth, A Chorus Line, and Shakespeare in Love

Robyn_GRobyn Godfrey
Robyn is a mild-mannered librarian by day, freelance theatre reviewer by night.
– In order of preference John Gabriel Borkman, The Hypochondriac and As You Like It
Chris JonesChris Jones
Theater critic and Sunday culture columnist, Chicago Tribune. Live Friday at 11 on CBS2 Chicago.
– Shakespeare in Love, Macbeth and A Chorus Line


Carly_Maga_TwitterCarly Maga
Staff writer for @Torontoist, theatre critic, TV/horror/peanut butter enthusiast.
– Macbeth, A Little Night Music, and Breath of Kings.


avatar_reaney_james_400x400James Reaney
Appears in Reaney’s Pick and It’s On, two weekly videos. Member of the Jack Richardson London Music Awards board
– As You Like It, The Hypochondriac and All My Sons


Lynn_SlotkinLynn Slotkin
Theatre critic, passionate playgoer, The Slotkin Letter plus CIUT FRIDAY MORNING, 89.5 fm Fridays 9 am -10 am
– All My Sons, Breath of Kings and Macbeth

Tickets for the Stratford Festival 2016 season will be available online Friday ( and by telephone Saturday (1-800-567-1600).

by Keith Tomasek
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Theatre Critics Pick Their Top 3 Shows at The Stratford Festival 2016

Keith Tomasek
1 April 2016
News and Rumors

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